I wish for someone
kind and sweet
someone to hold
to care for
someone who knows
the meaning of love
someone lively
highly spirited
like me
tho I have yet
to find this man
this boy
I still have
many years to go . . . . 

Alexandra Catherine Maass
1/98 Age 9


I am so small
tho I wish not to be-
I am so small
no one pays attention
to me . . .

As I gaze into the sky
I wish of being high
so high I'd say goodbye
goodbye to all
the small people
in the world
goodbye to being
small . . . . .

Alexandra Catherine Maass
1/98 Age 9

Allie's   Book   of   Dreams


I sometimes wonder
why I am here
why we are all here
why do we live
why do we breathe
I wonder . . .

I wonder
what dreams are made of
someone said
they are made
of fairy dust and clouds . . .

What you dream
is how you feel -
what you feel
is what you dream . . .

When I feel happy
I dream of
lollipops and ju-ju bees
when I am sad
I dream of rainy days and hurting
when I feel mad
I dream of red
and hatefulness . . .

I feel good now
as I look at clouds
and blue skies
then I wonder some more
I think awhile
as my hair blows
in the sharp chilly wind . . .

The days are getting shorter
life is too
the sun sets
time to leave
these grassy meadows
to leave this place
where I lay . . .

But tho I leave
my imagination
is still with me
as I brush my teeth
say my prayers
and let my imagination
take over my dreams
my sleep
my nightmares
now I shall sleep
in peace . . . . .

Alexandra Catherine Maass
12/97 Age 9


I love lizards
they are as cute as can be
I love lizards
they remind me of me!

They crawl and they wiggle
They squiggle, squiggle, squiggle
just like me!

But one way we are different
is that they are soft in sound
while I am very loud!!!

Alexandra C. Maass
1/98 Age 9

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