Simple Pleasures

Oreo blizzard on a hot summer day
I watch as the sun plays across my leg
Shadows slowly move over me –

I look in to the mirror
Dark blue eyes stare back at me
They seem accusing, mocking, hating –

Grass between my fingers
Friends by my side
A bird flies by
Laughing at our foolishness –

Clouds darken, quicken, and expand
Drops of water on the window
Soothing sounds of nature
Music flows from a CD player
Nothing too special –

Air fills my lungs as I sigh
Colors reflect onto my ceiling
I watch as they collect
Forming intricate shapes –

Alexandra Catherine Maass

A Simple Friend

I have a friend I lean on
I have a friend who I count on
She tells me she leans on me
She tells me she counts on me
I try to offer advice
The best way I can
I hope that she sees me
As an ever-lasting friend
You may say our friendship is complicated
I will have to disagree
It is the most simple friendship you can imagine
We know each others language like the back of our hand
You’d never understand the relationship I have with my friend

Alexandra Catherine Maass

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