Paths to the Spirit World

A Collection of Native American Hopewell Platform Pipes: The start of seven pages of museum quality and reproduction Hopewell Platform Pipes and Steatite and other stone pipes
Archaic and Ancient Native American Axes: A fine collection with many museum quality axes and celts.
Spears, knives, arrowheads, and other points.: A fine collection of archaic and ancient Native American stone artifacts many of museum quality.
Clay Pipes of the Ancient Native Americans: A selection of beautiful clay effigy pipes.
Maass Home Page: Links to other interests from guitars to antiques and Ebay sale items.
Native American Bead Work: Pieces from the Maass collection including moccasins, gauntlets, and cuffs.
Native American Baskets: Baskets from the Maass Collection - 5 pages.
Native American Jewelry for sale: Time to thin out my collection - Rings, Bracelets, Pendants, and more!
Early 1900's Peace Pipe: Plains Indian Steatite Pipe with Lead Inlay. Circa 1900 -1920.
Native American Discoidals and Game Stones.: If you liked the bannerstones, you'll love these unusual pieces! Page 2 also has plummets!
The Maass Collection: Start your tour of my collection of museum quality pieces here.
Native American Artifact Gallery: Page 3: Rare and unusual pieces such as bannerstones, plummets, and birdstones.