Ancient and Archaic Axes and Celts: Page 1: A selection of ancient and archaic axes and celts from the MAASS collection.
Ancient and Archaic Axes and Celts: Page 3: An assortment of ancient and archaic axes and celts.
The Maass Collection Home Page.: Start your virtual tour here to see the Maass Collection of Native American Artifacts.
Ancient Hopewell Platform Pipes: A museum quality collection of effigy platform pipes. One of the finest premier collections in the midwest.
Ancient and Archaic Native American Points: Maass Collection: Many premier musuem quality points.
The Maass Home Page: From guns to guitars and beanies to native american artifacts.
Museum Quality Banner Stones:
Native American Bead Work: An assortment of Native American Bead Work in the Maass Collection.
Native American Baskets from the Maass Collection.:
Mata Ortiz Pottery: Beautiful pottery from Mexico.
Native American Jewelry for Sale: Time to thin out my collection: Beautiful turquoise and silver rings, pendants, bracelets, watch cuffs, and more!