Rare old Umbilical Cord Fetish

Nice old fetish with the classic old colors, white heart reds, old pinks, perriwinkle blue. Legs have tin trade cones. Underside has sewn slit and UNUSUAL beaded four winds cross. No beads or cones are missing. Body is approx 3" X 6" not counting legs. These fetishes were made to contain the umbilical cord of the new baby. The animal chosen for the 'container' would become the totem or protector of the child. Each animal had special attributes. Price: $550

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Beaded White Pony: Beautiful Beaded White Pony with Horse Hair mane.
Beaded Cream Colored Pony: One of three ponies that I have. They are all believed to be Sioux umbilical cord fetishs.
Beaded Umbilical Cord Effigy/Fetish - Black Pony: I have three beautiful beaded ponies. Here is the black one.
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