Links to the rest of the Maass Collection of Native American Artifacts.

The Maass Collection: Native American Artifacts: Start here to view the collection: pipes, baskets, pottery, points, beadwork, discoids, bannerstones, and much more!
Bannerstones and more!: Museum quality and stunning!
Archaic and Ancient Native American Points.: Many Museum quality pieces. Unfortunately pictures do not do them justice!
Native American Hopewell Pipes.: Hopewell Platform Effigy Pipes. A stand alone collection of one of a kind museum quality pieces.
Native American Basketry.: Start with this adorable Nootka and keep going!
The Maass Home Page.: Start your tour to other collections of mine here or see what I have for sale in guitars and antiques!
Native American Beaded Moccasins: Northern Plains, Cree and much more!
Plains Beaded White Pony: A beautifully handcrafted effigy on brain tanned hide.
Plains Beaded Black Pony: A wonderful little horse effigy.
More Native American Bead Work: Page 4.:
Plains Beaded Cream Pony Effigy: A horse of a different color!
Native American Jewelry for Sale: Authentic pieces from my personal collection - some new, some old pawn - all unique and beautiful.