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Native American Bead Work: Page 1: Assorted bead strands and interesting pieces.
Plains Beaded Black Pony: Similar to the one on this page but it has a life all its own!
Native American Bead Work: Page 5.: More Interesting pieces.
The Maass Collection Home Page: Start your tour of my museum quality collection here!
The Maass Home Page: Go here to follow links to all my collections!
Beaded Pony #3: Creme colored: Referred to as greasy yellow beads, I prefer the name creme colored! This sister pony is another fine example of umbilical cord fetishes.
Umbilical Cord Fetishes: Start Page: Start your tour of all my unique umbilical cord beaded fetishes, here. Some are one of a kind, others have brothers and sisters.
Black Pony for Sale: I have one beaded Black Pony/Horse for sale. View it here.


This nice little Northern Plains Native American Beaded Fetish with real horsehair mane is currently not for sale.