And yet I have to ask . . .

I heard you cry so softly
From a thousand miles away
And yet I was there
To wipe your tears away
To brush the hair from your face
To hold you in my arms
To fill you with my charms
From a thousand miles away

As you lay upon my chest
You put me to the test
Would it be honor or love
I asked the stars above
As you sighed I stroked your hair
And gently smoothed away your despair
As lovers often do
As you lay upon my chest

And then there came the dawn
I turned and you were gone
And yet your pillow held your tears
From all the forgotten years
For the things that slipped through our hands
For the broken wedding bands
I could not hold you close
For then there came the dawn

Had it ever come to pass?
Or was it just a dream?
My heart told me you were here
And on my shoulder lay your tear
I felt you so close to me
We had the night just for us to be
And yet I have to ask
Did it ever come to pass?

WGM 8/10/01

The Harvest Moon claims the day

Hear me
Feel me
Touch me
Feel me

I know you’ve heard these words before
On your radio in days of yore
But as they leave my lips to your ears
They travel across the forgotten years
They leap beyond the infinite sea
And bring you here back to me
As swallows to the cave

See me
Know me
Be in me
Love me

In all the times before
In all the waves upon the shore
Has the sun ever felt the same
As it does when I call your name
As I ask you to be mine
As your lips make the wine
That our bodies share

Kiss me
Hold me
Devour me
Dream me

As dreams carry you away
To that place where we can play
To that place where we can love
Into the wings of the sacred dove
In all that I am I am nothing without you
In all that you see I am nothing if not true
As your heart lay quickening next to mine

Lay me
Taste me
Try me
Fly me

As two souls merge to one
They fly in to the sun
The world has just begun
For the lovers who are young
But as I turn to dust
As with all of us we must
I leave you with this song

Something so beautiful is never wrong . . . 

wgm to pm

I have you here in my head
As I lay upon my quilted bed
As the sunset turns to red
How I wish that I could stay
As I softly fade away
The harvest moon claims the day

The Pond

Black still water sliced by silent oars
Music through your pounding heart soars
Ripples lapping their rythmic tunes on my boat 
That the moon and stars just wrote

They paired to conjure up a dream
Who could know what it would mean
If dreams were meant to come alive you see
Than just what would reality be?

The song they play whispers your name
Through the aspens without shame
They sing of love and tenderness
They sing of you and a soft caress

As I pull back the hair from your eyes
I see the blue of azure skies
They call to me on a cloudy day
That your love is here to stay

In the arms of dawn we float about
Drifting in and drifting out
Through the years that passed us by
We can’t seem to grasp them but we try

In dreams love is what we weave it to be
A picture perfect pond or a raging sea
An unquenched passion or a comforting embrace
A forest bed or one of lace

The future now is what we look forward to
As you dream me and I dream you
My arms embrace the warmth of your soul
Yet the years still take their measured toll

Don’t cry my love all is not for naught
As this precious gift to us is brought
We thank the moon and stars above
For this our long lost perfect love

Wgm to pm

As you asked, I dreamed –

As you asked
I dreamed and you were there
All the world could have known
And I did not care –

The moon and stars lit us from above
While the waves washed upon the shore
The wind sang through the trees
As you whispered to me for more

Your body dripping and glistening
From the cool sweet lake water
I anticipated the taste
Of Pleasure’s own daughter

Our bodies entwined
Your legs wrapped around mine
Your lips were of nectar
Or were they of wine?

I drank from them until
I was drunk with your fire
I flickered my tongue to yours
As you poured out desire –

Your sighs were so sweet
Like angels caressing my ears
We made love through the night
As we cast back the years

Your buttocks were firm
As I grasped them in hand
Our bodies were one as
We tumbled through the sand –

As you felt me deep inside
My name you began to cry
As with each breath that I took
I whispered Pamela to the sky

Your toes were curled and tingling
As our bodies became one
Tho the night looked down upon us
Our lovemaking burned like the sun

The stars reflected in your eyes
And in mine you saw a green moon
As intense as the solar glare
Beating down at high noon –

Slow and gentle you moaned
As I brought myself under control
For I had been trying to leave my body
To become one with your soul –

Again and again we joined
Until dawn rose the veil
And at just before daylight
You let out a deep wail –

A cry of ecstasy
A joy filled trailing moan
As I held you close
And drove the night home –

Your back arched once again
As your breasts rose to my lips
I felt the end of the perfect rhythm 
From your quivering hips -

So delicate the flower
That spread her petals for me
So powerful the wave
That washed over me like the sea –

And still as the sun rose
And exhausted we lay
I dreamed of making love to you
For the rest of the day –

For dream passion you see
Can never die out
Only kept locked up inside
Until reality brings it about –

So I tell you my darling
My sweet, my desire
Be careful of this
Of feeding this fire . . . . . 

Wgm to pm

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