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Playboy Forum: Dear Forum, You wouldn't believe the weekend I had! About four years ago I was able to get in to contact again with my old girlfriend from the fifth grade who I still had a mad crush on - yes, that's right, the fifth grade! Sounds kind of pervy doesn't it? Well not exactly because I also knew her in the 11th grade when she was a hot gorgeous 17 year old long silky haired brunette with a killer body and eyes that would melt titanium. Anyhow, we had some really good 'heavy' sexual conversations and games on the net over the years - hell, they would make a story all in themselves - let me just say, she was so good at putting a visual image of herself in front of me naked with her smoking hot body writhing and moaning with me deep inside of her that I had to bring a change of shorts in to work! My God this woman could weave an image with even the fewest of words that would make any guy swell to capacity and burst! One time this doll even sent her panties to me in the mail that she claimed were soaked in the sweet nectar of her excited little muff while e-mail chatting with me at work. She simply took them off and slipped them in to an envelope and mailed them to me - can you believe that! And then worked the rest of the day with no panties on and that hot moist little mink exposed under that dress just waiting for me to do something with it that I couldn't because I was a thousand miles away!! Oh to have been her chair that day!

Well to make a long story short, she gave me the excuse for years that she couldn't get away to meet me anywhere and then came the time for the reunion. This sexual tension had been building for years now - I didn't know whether this was all a big joke to her or if we would see each other and run in to each others arms at first sight and screw right then and there in the middle of the dance floor at the reunion with every one watching! The night of the reunion came and I got there first and got us a table. She walked in about a half hour later. My heart stopped when I saw her. I hadn't seen her for about 30 years but she was just as I imagined. Still beautiful, still those killer eyes, those tasty lips, those sumptuous breasts and that really nice ass. She walked up to me and looked around first as she gave me a gentle hug and a little peck on the cheek. My heart started to sink until she whispered in my ear in a hot steamy voice - "I hope you are ready because you are in for the ride of your life!" She then sat down next to me like nothing happened and ordered an iced tea. I think my jaw was still dropped when she reached under the table and put her hand on my already hard and fully erect cock and said, "you getting that warmed up for me? It won't be long now." I can tell you that I had to bite my lip to keep from messing up my silk boxers right then and there. I excused myself from the table and went to the bathroom to put on a cold compress. Yes, I could have just gotten a little 'release' right there in the men's room - it wouldn't have taken much at all, but I wanted to save each and every drop for her.

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As I left the men's room I bumped in to another woman from my class in the hallway. Unfortunately I bumped in to her bulging pants first and she felt my rock hard manhood up against her as I tried to squeeze past her - "Hi Bill', she cooed at me. "See you later?" Shit, I thought, when it rains it pours and she looked damned good too - But - I only had one thing on my mind and it wasn't sex - it was the girl of my dreams back at my table. "uh, no, I have to leave early. Maybe we can talk next time!" I told her as I scurried back to my table leaving her with a bewildered look on her face.

My fantastic date was there waiting for me, with her silky legs crossed and the slit on her dress showing her sweet thigh - 'What took you so long?" she purred. "Didn't start without me did you?" she smiled and giggled - "saved some for me didn't you?" "Sshhhhh, someone's going to hear you!" I whispered to her. She just laughed - "oh and I care? I want the world to know that you are mine tonight!" With that she slid her hand back over on to my painfully pulsating cock. "no". I gently told her. "if you get me too much more worked up there won't be anything left for you and I will need to go out and get the backup boxers out of my car!" She giggled again and put her hand back on her lap. I whispered to her - "you do want what I have for you don't you - You aren't just jacking with me are you?" Her face showed that she almost seemed hurt by the question - "haven't you figured out by now what we are going to do tonight? Everything we have talked about for four years - in one night. Do you think you are up to it?" I about choked on my water - I could vividly remember the things we talked about - only we mostly talked about it as fantasy or in reference to a little beautiful world we made for ourselves - While I had always prayed my dreams would come true with her, this was almost more than I could handle. "Baby, " I said, "I've lived for this day and I'm ready if you're ready!" I sounded much more sure of myself than I was. Damn, I thought, what a hot little shit she still was - I looked around at all the other women from our class - most had put on a lot of weight, some almost unrecognizable, most ravaged by years of screaming children and demanding husbands - but not the flower next to me. No, she didn't still look 19, but she looked better than 19 - Her body was still fantastic, her eyes still sparkled like a sky full of a thousand stars and she looked like I knew a vintage thousand dollar a bottle wine tasted. Aged to perfection and taste.

"you told me you cut your hair -" I said to her - "I did silly, three years ago - I grew it out because I have places that I want to dangle it to drive you crazy." Ohhhhh, there went that feeling again! Little mini-orgasms from deep inside of me. The anticipation might kill me before the night is over!

I decided to play her game - our game- and see how she liked it. I put my hand under the table - blindly seeking the slit in her dress and found it and began to stroke her upper thigh. My fingers crept their way towards her little honey pot. I expected to be swatted away but instead she slowly spread her legs just enough for me to touch the petals of her flower and took her hand and put it on mine and moved it closer to her inner thigh. I couldn't believe that she hadn't any panties on! She looked at me with those eyes and said, "I've been waiting too long - be careful - you thought you had it bad! You don't want me moaning and having the table next to us get a free show do you?" I smiled - 'No- all that you have to give me I will not share the experience with anyone else - I can wait - I just need a taste." With that I gently touched the wetness of her mink - juices already flowing for me, inviting me - no, practically screaming for me to enter - She gave out a little oohhh and I knew that what she had said was for real - she wasn't jacking me around, I had been jacking myself around thinking this was too good to be true. I withdrew my hand, looked her in the eyes, and lightly licked my finger. "And now I have tasted of you my darling and I know that I want more - I will surely devour you tonight and make love to you as you have never been loved before - for a man that has waited 30 years, has 30 years worth of passion stored - screaming to be let free - we may die in each other's arms tonight for this passion could be so intense we could burst in to flames, but we will die with a smile on our face!"

I then asked her to leave me for awhile and get her visiting in as I knew that I must have her away from me for awhile or I would not be able to help myself - my body was full of lust and hunger for her - the taste of her still on my lips, my loins aching for her and only her. Sweat was on my brow, my heart was pounding, and my soul was screaming to be let out of my body to join with hers. She reluctantly left - our arms outstretched and our fingers touching as she walked away - "I'll be back for the slow dance.", she said - 'I saw how that other woman looked at you - remember- you slow dance only with me tonight." I laughed - 'Nobody but you baby, nobody but you!"

A half hour, then an hour, then two went by. She danced with a few of the girls and I sat and talked to old buddies. We kept exchanging that glance the whole night long - the one of hunger for each other. The taste of her had gone from my lips to groin and then back up to my heart. It wouldn't leave me and I didn't want it to. I wanted her like I've never wanted anything in my life. The thoughts I had of her utterly consumed me, much as they had over the past years but now with seeing her, touching her, and even tasting her, my blood was on fire. Hell, the thought of me bursting in to flames from spontaneous combustion even crossed my mind! And son-of-bitch, she was a damn fine looking woman. She had told me that she had lived life hard but there wasn't a trace of it on her face. As I was admiring her moves from afar, they played the song I had been waiting for - Stairway to Heaven. Instinctively she looked at me from across the room, said her quick goodbyes and walked towards me. "I believe this is the dance we have been waiting for?", she purred. "Indeed it is.", I replied. And so we danced - slow and tenderly - her head on my shoulder where I knew it had always belonged - her body up close to mine - warm and soft - where it always belonged. And there for a few minutes, we were back 30 years to a simpler time, to the young love and high school dances that passed us by. And I drank of it till I could drink no more for in my arms was my dream come true. What more could a man ask for? And then I thought again. I had one more dream and she had promised to make that one come true tonight. If the anticipation didn't kill me first!

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As all songs must end, so did ours. Our footsteps on the dance floor were taken as if in a dream. Our bodies were one as we held each other close. Sometimes we heard the music and sometimes we didn't - there was just the music of our hearts pounding out the rythmn to each other. "It's that time." she said, with a longing look to my eyes. She took my hand and said, "time to say our goodbyes here and then make some introductions elsewhere". Well I guess this is what it was all about -dreams were coming true and I was scared shitless. I remembered the things she said she wanted to do to me and the things I told her I would do to her. Could I possibly live up to her expectations in bed? "I know what you are thinking.", she said. "everything will be fine. It will be beautiful, you will see. Bill, you have to understand, we were meant to be with each other. Maybe only tonight, maybe for a lifetime, I don't know. But I do know that I am sure tonight is right. I'm more sure of this than I have been of anything in my life. I've had four years to think about it you know." Wow - she was echoing the thoughts in my head. I would perform for her like I've never performed before. The hell with being 46 years old. I will put her in ecstasy not once, twice, or even just three times - but go for four - like the good old days when I was a 20 year old lover. I will put her in heaven tonight or die trying! We left in my car and headed to the hotel - not a word was said. She simply held my hand and sat close to me - each of us thinking about what lay ahead. I could taste her, smell her, feel her - I hungered for her now with every ounce of my soul and strength. I looked down in to her eyes - "same here, baby.", she said. We were both thinking the same thing as we often had in the last four years.

As we opened the door to the hotel room, I playfully flung her over my shoulder. "only proper to carry you across the thresh hold my darling", I laughed. Once inside she saw the champaign I had sitting on ice, the bottle of oil, the can of whipcream, and the squeeze bear of honey next to it. "oohh - looks like we are going to have fun Baby!" she purred. " I would say, let me go freshen up because it was a long flight and a long evening, but why not break the ice with a little shower together?" There was a big smile on her face from ear to ear - what a little vixen she was. She knew one of my fantasies was to wash her body with a big soft sponge and there she was holding one in front of me. She took me in to the bathroom, turned the shower on and began to take off my shirt. One button at a time, slowly and deliberately. She stopped to run her hands through the soft silky hair of my chest. "Nice", she said. "I've been dreaming of laying my head there for four years and tonight or rather tomorrow morning - that will also be a dream come true." She now unbuckled my belt, undid my button and slowly unzipped my pants. You can imagine what was happening to my manhood right then. I was already more hard and erect than I had ever been in my life. In fact, so hard and erect it was almost painful. I kept thinking to myself,"how much can a man take?" Then her hand slid down the top of my boxers and she grasped me firmly in her hand. "This is what I've also been dreaming of Baby. This is mine tonight.", she cooed. Then she peeled of the boxers the rest of the way as I kissed the top of her head and her soft flowery hair. I inhaled and breathed in all of her. I wanted to remember this night forever. It was my turn to undress her now. Guessed that wouldn't be too tough since she never wore a bra and I knew with certainty that she didn't have any panties on either. I simply undid the few buttons on the back of her dress very slowly, kissing the back of her neck the whole time. Me standing there looking silly,buck naked, with the biggest hard on of my life. I inched her dress from her shoulders and it gently slid down her body effortlessly. I couldn't help but take her in my arms and just hold her close for a minute. So beautiful, so soft and warm. The scent of her filled every pore of my body and soul. As I kissed her shoulder with little kisses, she took my hand and led me in to the shower.

"You're first, Baby." she said. At first I protested and then I realized that it was best. If I bathed her first, I would surely explode the moment she touched me. I maybe stood a chance this way. She reached for the sponge and a bar of soap she had brought with her. It was natural heather scented, just as we had talked about three years before in our chats. She lathered the sponge up nice and foamy and began with my back. Slow and massaging as she went, I was putty in her hands. "ohh, what a cute little furry butt you have," she giggled, and gently washed that too, taking her time and then unexpectedly giving me a little bite on my right cheek and then laughing. Oh funny girl! Now she turned me around and began lathering my chest. Slow and circular motions working her way down to my belly and then she stopped to give me a long deep kiss. "I couldn't wait any longer for that," she said, "some things you just can't wait for." "Now, what's left to wash?", she said as she played her little games with me. The soft foamy sponge was there up against my rock hard cock and I was going nuts, praying hard that I wouldn't let go right there and then. I thought to myself, "think of a badger biting your dick off or something so you have some control!", but that didn't seem to work either. I don't think I took a breath the whole time she washed me down there - one arm around me and one hand between my legs. "one last thing Baby", she said, and she headed for my toes. "remember my little fetish!" So there you go, a first time for everything, one of many firsts that was coming my way that night. She washed each little piggy one by one as I leaned up against the wall with one foot in her one hand and the sponge in the other. "Now, can I please have my turn!", I moaned. "Oh yes Baby,you sure can. Now it's your turn," she giggled as she handed me the sponge. MMMMMmmm this was going to be fun I thought. A memory I will cherish forever! Part 4.

Ahhhhh, my turn now. One of my many fantasies was about to come true. Big sponge, lots of foamy lather, and Pamela. What more could a guy dream for? I took the bar and sponge from her and lathered it up good. I turned to her and she was looking up at me with those eyes. The same eyes that in a way I guess I had too - the eyes that said, "can this be true?" They were so beautiful - they sparkled for me the same as they did 30 years before as we shared a popsicle on her front porch. A rush of memories and emotions came back to me. She was after all my first sweetheart and my heart now told me also my last. I slid my right hand through her hair and pulled her head gently to me for a long passionate kiss -- ummmmmmmmmm what a dream. I then took the sponge and started with her neck and shoulders. I teased her with a little bit of foam on her nose. Couldn't help doing that! Just like in the movies, I lathered up her delicate breasts and enjoyed watching the little bubbles on them drip off. Oh they were so nice and her nipples were the hardest I had ever seen on a woman - such beauties! I let the water hit her just a bit to get a little soap off so I could put my lips around them. I couldn't resist. Just a gentle little suck! I kissed them both and her neck and shoulders again too for good measure - soft little sucking kisses. I could taste her yummy cleansed flesh. Like a little bit of heaven! I figured I better get back to my job and finished lathering up her tummy and then turned her around to do her back. Nice slow circular massaging motions - shoulders, to spine, to the little hollow above her ass to her nice firm cheeks. I let the water rinse her again and kissed her scar on her back - "is that where they hurt my baby?, I said?" I gave her lots of little kisses there to make it all better and then lathered up that sponge anew and slid it down the crack of her ass and then down lower sponge bathing her hot little pussy from behind. She was making cooing sounds now to me - she seemed to be enjoying this - I turned her around and kissed her again and while kissing her, slid the sponge down to the front of her mink. Her cooing was getting a little louder as I dropped the sponge and began to massage her wet little pussy with my fingers. She liked this and liked it a lot. I kissed her neck, breasts, nipples, and lips while I gently felt out the confines of her delicate flower. I spread the little petals back and slid my finger up slowly inside of her to see how ready she was. Her knees went weak on me and I had to grasp her firmly so she didn't fall. We kissed and I fingered her slowly and gently feeling for the swollen bud that would tell me that she was ready for more. I found it and she really started to moan - she put her back against the wall and put her leg up on the rim of the tub and said, "baby, ohhhh baby, please lick my hot little mink right here and now. I know you want it baby and I really can't wait any longer - I want to feel that tongue inside me now baby!" Well, her wish my command, as I knelt down and began to flicker my tongue all about her little flower. Her hot little pussy was just as I had imagined and just a little bit of muff on it just the way I like them - so delicate, so feminine - I flickered and darted about as she cooed and moaned and made little noises I didn't know a woman could make! Finally I went at it with my whole mouth, sucking and probing inside of her with my tongue. "oh baby, Oh Jesus baby, she began moaning, I'm going to cum right now! Yes, that's it, oh shit, oh God, yes, yes, yes, OH BABY! Well I could tell that I had gotten her there. that was obvious! "Baby I need you to fuck me right now and right here!, she yelled!" I wasn't used to shower acrobatics so I was trying to figure this out when she just took right over and said, "first take me from behind baby and play with my nipples while you stick that big hard cock in to me - and do it now! I'm going off without you baby!" She spread those nice tasty legs for me and I took my cock in my hand - pulsing and throbbing - and slid it real nice and slow right up in to her from behind. OH God did this feel good. Finally inside my baby. I could feel her damned body trying to suck the life right out of me through my cock just as I knew would happen. Shit, I thought. I am going to last about a whole two seconds! My arms came around to her chest and I grasped her breasts in my hands, kneading them like bread dough - so soft and yet full for me - her nipples were hard and erect and I tugged on them gently as I thrust her from behind again and again and again. I lasted longer than I thought I would but was getting ready to let loose from lack of control when she yelled, "now baby, cum with me! I'm cumming again! cum with me baby, now!' And I did! the best damned orgasm I ever had - me holding on to her tight from behind - my arms wrapped around her, her nipples in my fingers, kissing her back and neck, and exploding deep inside of her. Shear heaven on earth. A dream come true. I lay my head on her back for just a minute and then turned her around and held her tight and close to me. squeezing her until I had to worry I would hurt her. I never wanted to let her go. "Oh, my baby, my sweet, sweet baby, - another of our dreams has come true tonight. What a beautiful night we will have!".

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After a few moments of just holding her tight while the warm water ran over our still quivering bodies, we got out of the shower and toweled each other dry. She then turned and slapped me in the ass and said, “Run along to bed, but don’t start without me! I’ll be there in a sec.!” I went to the bed and pulled back the covers then put on my new silk boxers, hopped in to bed and set the new ring I had for her on her pillow. She shut off the lights leaving just the small corner lamp on. “I’ve got to see you baby she said – no total darkness for awhile. I’ve waited too long not to look at your face while we make love.’ She echoed my thoughts exactly. She came around the corner with a little satin teddy on – barely clinging to her beautiful slight frame. “You know I’m just going to take that off of you!” I laughed. “Oh I know”, she said, “that is half the fun!” She paused for a minute, looked around and said, “what, no toys?” “Not quite yet”, I told her, “for now it is just us.” She slid in to bed next to me and saw the ring I had left on her pillow. “What’s this”, she whispered? “Just a replacement baby – for the one that got taken away from you – wear it at least while we are together for me and then hide the damned thing after that!” She slipped it on her finger and gave it a little kiss. “We’ll are you all charged back up big guy or do you want to rest for a while?” she asked. I was ready to go again but I really wanted to just hold her for a moment and stroke her hair and tell her how much this all meant to me. I told her that and she just smiled. “Whatever you want baby. Just remember tonight I’m yours – do with me as you will.” She lay down next to me and snuggled up close putting her head on my chest. “Now this is something I’ve dreamed of many times.” She said. We lay there for a little while just talking about our years of Internet conversation. Laughing at some of the things we had said and talking about our thoughts on this day and wondering about the future. I asked her if this night was what she thought it was going to be so far. “Even better.” She said. My thoughts exactly too. While talking about the picture I had sent her with the little Oscar the Grouch coming out of my shorts, she started laughing and then said, “Lets see if he is still grouchy!” Her hand slid slowly from my chest down my stomach, through the top of my boxers and of course by the time it got to Oscar, he was already at full attention with a smile on his face! “Looks like he is happy to see me!, she said. “ I think he needs a little kiss too!” With that she started kissing my face all over, then my ears and my neck and slow gentle kisses down my chest to my nipples. Now here I was at this age and had never had a woman kiss my nipples before! She darted her little tongue around them and gently sucked on them. Wow. I had no idea. I think if she had done that long enough just by itself I would have exploded! She helped me slide off my boxers and then she proceeded with little kisses to my tummy and she worked her way down to my hard erect cock. Just barely flicking her tongue at the rim as I went nuts. My body flushed as she went to work on me, first the rim, then the shaft and finally gently licking my balls. I thought I was in heaven! My cock was now jumping around uncontrollably as she flicked here and there and finally put her warm lips over the whole thing and took me in to her mouth. I let out an audible gasp, as I could no longer control myself. She did this several times – long slow deep strokes of her lips over my cock taking me all the way in to her warm moist mouth rolling her tongue around it as it danced in there for her. It felt as if she was trying to suck my soul out right through my cock! I couldn’t let her go on or I would have exploded in to her mouth right there. As much as I was in ecstasy it would have been selfish for me to let go there – I belonged inside of her. “My turn now, baby. You have to stop or there won’t be any left for that hot little pussy of yours.” She understood and came up to me for a long passionate kiss, massaging the fur on my chest with her hand the whole time. “Well then fuck me now you silly boy”, she said. “No, not quite yet baby – you did your job down there pretty well and I wouldn’t last long. I have to give you some pleasure first and if I’m lucky we can go off together.’ I kissed her on her forehead and gently rolled her over to her back sliding my hand up her teddy to her hard erect nipples. Gently massaging them as I kissed her lips and then her face and neck and shoulders. I had her help me slip off the teddy as I flickered my tongue about her gorgeous nipples and gently sucked them – kneading her breasts with my hand the whole time while the other hand began to work its way down her body to her stomach, then her waist and finally grasping on to her ass and gently squeezing it.

Bill's stories to Pam

Flicker, Flicker, Flicker ---- My tongue has a life of its own! I flicker it here and flicker it there, letting it feel its way around the soft satiny flesh of your inner loins. - gently gliding it towards your delicate flower - around the petals, flicker, flicker, flicker . . . licking the petals long and slow, probing the flower softly, darting in and out, and now long stokes of the tongue and then back again to delicate flickers - the petals are partially held in the gap of my front teeth, as I torment them with the rasp of my tongue - I slowly slide my finger into the wet glistening flower of your womanhood, it knows where to find the little bud that I am seeking - the little bud that is swollen and engorged with your steaming blood that sends the juices flowing from you to my lips that are now nibbling at all they encounter. You're hips are moving rhythmically now - it is making it difficult for me to keep my head there - I can feel your heart pounding through the arteries of your upper legs against my ears - your hands are grasping my hair and running through it while you let out little sighs and moans - whimpering, moaning, voices of passion - then you wail! - "NOW, Now! Baby! Fuck me now! I want you in me Now!"

Your body is quivering and trembling, your toes are curled, your back is arched, your legs are back and your flower is open waiting for my stamen to pollinate you. I tell you softly and teasingly, "I won't fuck you - but I will make love to you!" You call me a son of a bitch and You take me in your hand and plunge me deep inside of you with a loud whimpering moan! "Slow and deep Baby, Slow and deep Baby, that's it - oh, Jesus, Oh God, yes", you whisper. So slow and deep it is - your breasts against my chest, your legs wrapped around my thighs, my lips now on your breasts and my tongue now flickering about your nipples - gently tugging on them with my full and warm lips - then our tongues find each other and touch and next our lips biting at each other and sucking - your tongue probing my teeth and then deep in to my mouth - your rhythmn is intensifying as my hard cock goes deep into your dripping wet mink - plunging over and over - up to the hilt as you press back up against me each time - ----- should I go on?

Story 2

Before you go --- let me kiss you right there on that special place on your neck that I love so much. Ummmmmmmmm why do you always taste so good to me? I want to taste those lips baby and that tongue too. You like it when I kiss you like that? We're going to have to go for it because you just have me too worked up now - sit up here on your desk and let me take off your top. No bra? Oh what a surprise! Ha. I'm going to flick my little tongue all over those nipples now and suck on them just a bit - you like it when I nibble on them too? Okay, just a bit and very gentle - don't want to hurt you. I'm going to slide my hand down to that little hot wet muff of yours while I suck on your nipples okay? Oh you are so wet for me aren't you? Do I really do that for you? Damn what a nice little mink you have. Let me put my finger just around the edges there and massage the top of your little flower a bit. ooopps that old finger just slid up there because it was so wet that it sucked him right in! That is a nice swollen little bud you have there baby - is that all swollen just for me? Let me massage that a bit for you - nice - didn't mean to forget about those nipples but I wanted to get a little peak at you down there. I wonder how that tastes today? Hope you kept it nice for me, did you? I trust you, yes, let me just flick my tongue about there a bit and see. Why are you quivering like that baby, yes I know you want it now but I have a little work to do here too - ummmmm - yes I like to dart my little tongue all around. Is it okay if I suck on you just a little bit? Lay back baby and let papa do his job right - knees up - spread them wide, take my head in your hands and run your fingers through my hair while I go to town here - sucking, and darting, and flickering - oopps you sucked that old tongue inside of you too didn't you! Look how he dances around inside of you! What's that you say? Your ready to explode here and now and want me in there NOW! Well I’m ready to go too baby because all this has excited me so much. Let me pull my pants down. Yes, help me with my zipper and belt. Don’t touch him too much baby and no you can't lick him right now because you have him ready to go and go now - lean back grab on to me and lets go for some action! Oh your breasts and nipples feel great against my chest but I have to get up from you now and get myself all the way inside of you - ohh he slides in so easy - you were ready for me weren't you? Just tight enough so he isn't lost - you were made for me weren't you baby? This is yours. Do you like it? Does it feel good? Yes, I'll put it in deep and too the hilt and yes, I'll slap these balls up against you. I love the little noises you make. Talk dirty to me now baby, tell me how bad you want it - tell me how much you like it. yesssss. Damn this is nice - oh what a great pussy you have - such a little vixen - such a hot little shit in my arms - yes I’m there too baby, yesss - yesss, you ready now? Just a bit more, don't go too crazy on me - sorry it isn't longer but if you are ready then damn it I'm ready too!! OH my sweet baby - yes, my sweet, sweet baby, can you feel that? Can you feel me explode inside of you? Let me suck some of that beautiful glistening sweat off of your breasts and neck. Nice baby - always so nice with you. ... Hope we didn't make too much noise!

Story 3

to imagine you next to me is a dream come true in itself. Just to touch your skin and look in to your eyes. to imagine that you could ever be naked next to me is almost more than my little brain can handle. It is overwhelming to say the least darling. You will fit naturally to me as if we were made for each other. The thoughts of your breasts and nipples in my mouth - wow, again overwhelming to me. So soft and delicate you are and you smell so good. I won't know whether to hug you, make love to you or eat you! I almost literally drool thinking about you. that hunger comes over my whole body - it is in my groin yes but all the rest of me too- as it spreads it takes away any pain I have, increases the saliva in my mouth, and yes, even makes me hard for you. Let me hold you my darling and give you a thousand long kisses on your lips and a thousand more all over your body. let me taste of your flesh and your nectar. Your hard erect nipples rolling off of my tongue as it licks the smooth silkiness of your breasts. Let me give you those little kisses all over your body. Let me lay my head upon your tummy as you run your fingers through my hair. Let me run my fingers up and down your thighs and your loins. They will stop and gently caress the soft hair of your little mink as they work their way around it in a circle - finally barely touching the petals of the flower- just a little touch - enough to make you sigh for me. Then a little more caressing on the inside of your legs as i kiss your tummy and your breasts. They find their way back to your flower and find it wet. So wet for me baby. I can't tell you what that does for me - my body is flush with fire as I have to control myself. My instinct is to climb right on top of you, but I must make love to you properly. Oh how you are so wet and slippery. How my fingers gently slide in to you. they seek the swollen little bud and find it, gently caressing it in small little circles. Baby I'm going to give you some little kisses there if it is okay. I know you like them. Let me flicker my tongue around your petals - driving you crazy with the little teasing darting of my tongue. Let me wiggle it a bit on the outside then I will gently hold back your petals with my fingers while I flicker it inside of you. Do you like that baby? it sounds like you do! I'm going to do some soft gentle sucking now just the way you like it. Holding you in my mouth while my tongue caresses you. Yes, I know baby. I will come on top of you now. Ease back those beautiful legs for me. Oh our little mink glistens so for me and calls to me. Here baby. You take me and put me inside of you like I know you like to do. Feel the pounding in him darling? He is full and hard because you are such a little shitting turn-on. Yes you can caress my balls gently if you like, now slide him where he belongs. Ohhhhhhh baby that is so nice. so very nice. we fit together like a glove baby. Let me push him in slow and deep and up. His soft pounding head gently gliding into you and across your now swollen and pounding bud. Yes, you set the rhythmn baby. nice and slow and deep. let me put those nipples in to my mouth again and suck on them and nibble on them with my lips as I lose my self in side of you. As I feel you pulling on my soul. Can i have a long deep kiss baby? Yes, your lips are fine and your kisses are fine. Now as we increase our rhythmn baby I want to look in to your eyes and see your desire and your passion. That look baby is slaying me. Oh how I dreamed of this day. How can dreams like this come true baby? I ask you again and again if you are for real. i ask if you really love me. You cry back to me 'YES!' again and again as I plunge deep in to you again and again. The pace has increased as your body is flush and beaded with sweat. The funny little sounds we make my love. My balls slapping up against you, my moans and your sighs. All the wonderful sounds of love and passion. yes my darling, I am ready if you are. Oh sweet, sweet Pamela. Now, can you feel me now exploding inside of you? Baby you are my hot little vixen. Such a beautiful woman - such a nice little pussy you have for me. such nice hard nipples in my mouth. Let me lick some of that sweat from your neck and taste you one more time before I lay next to you for the night. OH yes, I will stay hard and deep within you for a moment longer as we embrace tightly. Don't ever let me go baby. Love me forever and ever. xxxxxxoooooo

Story 4

You know I had to give you a little something to hold you over baby. Yes, I am ready to go at it again. Kissing the back of your neck and shoulders and holding your breasts in my hands while I take you right there at your desk as you ask. You're going to have to keep it down tho so as not to awaken that accountant! Oh God it feels so good to slap up against that nice little ass of yours. Darling you have me so hard right now. How I wish you were here to feel me inside of you for real. Someday you will want me so bad that you will come to me. This I pray for - until then, feel me now as you close your eyes. Feel me as I enter you from behind and as my hard throbbing manhood slides in to your hot wet little mink again and again - pushing upwards at this angle to give you that maximum stimulation that you so crave. So beautiful and so wonderfully wet you are for me. We will explode together and then I shall hold you for awhile before we slip away. I could devour you.

Pam's Stories to Bill

I'm on that island now. Do you see me? Turn around, look behind you. I'm walking toward you, the wind in my hair, my body tan - the sun glaring off my moist skin. I'm wearing a little white lacey thong. Hope you like it. I'm most anxious to reach you - I've had to wait too long for you - I'm running, desparate for you to take me in your arms. Oh, at last - you're arms enfold me, I feel the softness of your chest hair brush against my breasts, making my nipples erect. Caress them, they crave your touch. Oh yessss! You lift me in your arms, our lips devouring. You turn to take me to our cabana, but wait, no, please take me here, now. I want to feel the water against our bodies, here on the shoreline. You taste so good - the saltiness of your body. I explore further down your chest, further, further, ah yes, my tongue caressing the inside of your thigh, you're erect and ready for me. My lips close around you - oh yes - you are delicious. I can wait no longer - I mount you - taking all of you, in a frenzy now, I just can't hold back. Oh - yessss - Baby! As I reach my orgasm I feel you explode inside me. I lay upon you, spent. We kiss, more slowly now. I'm ready now to go to our cabana. Take me again, but this time slowly. I'm ready to give you my body and soul. Do what you will to me. I know you pleasure me like no one else. So take me again.

Episode II

I'm still quivering from the image i have in my mind. tell me if you quiver too.

The excitement of my touch will burn a fire within you that will radiate the glowing green of your eyes.

My lips ever so lightly touch the softness of yours. A flick of my tongue gets a taste of their sweetness and I yearn for more. Your lips part, my tongue is desparate for more of your sweet taste. And you surrender to me.

Our pond is quiet, but for the gentle laps of the water against our boat and the whispers of leaves in the trees surrounding our special place. This pond is ours alone. No intruders. Our bodies, still damp from our swim, glow from the excitement of our closeness. The moon and stars our only light. Skin to skin - excitement building - how I long to be as one with you. We are like animals in the wild - nothing can stop us now - our need is too strong. Hearts beating faster, our bodies wet with passion - and now ----yeeeeeessssss oooohhhhh yeeeeeeeesssss!!!!!!!

Are you thinking of me now?

Episode III

Hey you: I know you've had a long hard day (why do I think of you when a hear the word hard?) so I think you deserve a nice oil massage. What do you think? Will you lay back, relax and let my fingers work their magic? Hope you're comfortable. Let me get my warm oil. Ok now baby just relax.

The oil is very warm and smells of jasmine. I'll start at your feet. My hands massage the oil onto your right foot. Now I knead the balls of your foot. Feel nice? Your little toe now, from base to tip I slide my fingers up and down your toe, now between your toes and on to the next. Now the big toe - this is my favorite - I gently message, up and down, now my tongue licks the very tip of your toe, working its way around until you're in my mouth. Hope you enjoy this baby - I love having my toes licked. Now a take your foot and massage the arch, the heel, making my way to the calve of your leg. Warm oil being poured over your entire leg - its so slippery. My fingers are working your muscles up to your thigh, slippery hands on the inside of your thigh, higher, higher. I can feel the warmness of your manhood. Relax baby, just relax while I start on the other foot. I'm a little anxious so I make my way quickly up to your thigh - just a little taste. Do you feel my breath on the inside of your thigh, my tongue exploring? Now, turn over, if you can, and let me do your back. I love the way the oil makes your skin glisten. My clothes are off now - I do this much better nude. My fingers slide across your back, massaging the muscles along your spine, up to the base of your neck and now down, hands massaging in small circles ever so slowly to your buttocks. Oh its so nice, I love the way you feel. Are you ready to turn over. This is the best part. Warm oil dripping to your chest, down your stomach, to that soft spot on either side of your cock. My hands touch you, gently, spreading the oil, massaging your shoulders, back up to your neck. I take your face in my hands and ever so softly kiss your lips. I'm straddling you now. Do you feel my warmth? Oil dripping between my naked breasts - it feels nice. I caress my nipples until they're erect, now lay upon your chest, letting you feel the hardness of my nipples against you. So slippery - and I slide my body down, further and further. Your nipples harden as I take them between my fingers, pinching - ever so gently. I can feel your cock getting harder - I feel it against my stomach, so I slide down to it, grasping you in my hands, stroking, feeling all your manliness. It slides so nice in my hands. The oil makes you so slippery and I rub your cock against my face, my neck, it feels silky smoothness. I need to taste you. Oh yes you taste so good. Your cock in my mouth, tongue licking all around it. You're so hard. I rise up and slide it between my breasts, over my nipples - oh I must have you. I'm mounting you now and with my hand leading you inside me. Perfect fit - my lips spread so easily for you. I lower myself down until I have every inch of you. My excitement is building, and I ride you, slow at first but now quicker and quicker. I feel your hardness inside me as I ride you. I want to make you cum baby. Please baby, please I need to feel that explosion. My orgasm is close, I ride you harder and harder. You yell to me yes baby, I'm going to cum - oh my God! Oh baby yes, we reach that peak together and - oh yes, yes, yes

Spent, I roll off of you and lay my head on your chest, now slippery with oil and sweat. I love your manly smell, the taste of your sweat. I feel myself becoming aroused again. Should we go again?

Episode IV

You did it to me again - left me hanging here, anticipating what I know will surely make me cum right here on this chair. Already my nipples are standing at attention, wanting to feel your lips, your tongue. I can feel your hands gently making their way up my thigh, touching the silkiness of the inside of my thigh, your fingers inching ever so slowly to those special lips as I spread myself for you, knowing that very soon I will have more. You touch me - I gasp - the dew of my blossoming flower on your fingertips. I take your hand, push it harder, wanting more. You stop, knowing we mustn't take this too far - for now. I watch as your fingers, wet with my sweet nectar, touch your lips, your lips part and your tongue is drinking all that I have given you as if you were a man in the desert, thirsting for water. I don't know how long I can wait. I want you to take me now, but I know that is not possible. We must wait. Yes, I see the way that other woman looks at you and my lips curve in a smile, knowing you are mine tonight. And I will not share you - I've been waiting too long for this night. I've already felt your hardness in my hand, knowing I will explode when you are deep inside me. I must be patient - I know we have this whole night together. But its so hard to leave your side - watch you dancing with other women. I can handle this, I tell myself. How I wish this damn reunion was over.

Episode V

My sweet, sweet lover. Do you know what you do to me? Slide your hand between my legs and you will know. I'm so hot - my body is burning with desire. Do you feel how wet I am? Oh baby please touch me again. Oh yes, right there. You know just what I like. Let me undress for you. My nipples are so hard. Now come here - let me undress you. Buttons ripping off, grabbing wildly at your zipper. My desk has been swept clean. Now lay back on the desk - do you like my lips around your cock? Your taste is making me more excited - you sit up - you're still in my mouth and you're reaching for me, your hands between my legs. Oh God that feels good - but I can't wait a minute longer. I must have you now. As you slide off the desk I turn my back to you and lay across the desk, so you can enter me from behind. Your hands on my breasts, fingers pinching my nipples. Oh yes baby - it slides in so nice. I can feel you throbbing - oh dear God I can't wait. I push back hard against you. Your movements have quickened. Don't stop Baby - please don't stop. I feel you Baby - you're so hard and ready to burst. Ok Baby - Ok - cum with me Bill - I want to feel you cum - yes thats it - oh yes, yes yes!!! Ahhhh We cling to one another, not wanting to separate. Rest sweet baby - lay your head upon my stomach, and rest. My sweet sweet lover.

Well, you finally did it. Just thinking about you doing all those things to me, making me so wet, so excited, I lay back in this chair, eyes closed - and yes baby - all these thoughts of you made me cum.

Your Lover

Episode 6

After our walk in the park lets go home, peel off our clothes and take a nap together wrapped in one another's arms. As my head lay on your shoulder, I'll caress your chest softly, and smooth the hair nicely on that funny furry belly of yours. Your hair is so soft and silky. Not like that rough kinky hair that some men have. I really could lay my head down on your chest forever and be happy - but you know me! I'm not there long before my leg will automatically lay itself over you making me closer to you. Boy your body sends out a tremendous amount of heat! My leg can feel your blood pounding and coursing through your body. I start to get little beads of sweat on my leg and thighs and back. You feel so good baby laying here beside me. Why does it feel like this is where I was meant to be forever? It is just so damned spooky sometimes!

Now I don't think I'll be able to nap. I think of all the years I have wasted without you in my life. I want to nap but every inch of my body aches for you. My soul aches for you. Now my heart is pounding for you. You arouse me so. Oh baby, looks like you won't be napping either anymore. Our little Georgie seems to be waking up. Was it my leg over yours that did this? My soft caresses to your chest and tummy? Not the little kisses I gave to your nipples? Or the ones to your neck? I'm so bad! I couldn't bear to leave you lie there and have this perfectly good love machine go to waste! Here, let me caress that for you - looks like he needs me. He's starting to wake up and grow. He's grown twice the size in just the minute I've been looking at him! I'm climbing on top of you now, laying myself on your legs so I can kiss that big Beautiful cock of yours. My tongue teases it - just the tip at first then down the whole shaft - you taste so good. How does it feel baby? Why does he jump like that when I hit this spot here? Let me massage those nice big balls of yours. Ummmm, so full and so soft. Where is that little spot you told me about just under them? Let me tickle that with my darting little tongue!

Baby! You are actually writhing! Settle down baby, we have some Things to do yet! I'm rising up so I can straddle you now. You know how wet I get when I'm near you so you slide in so easily. Can you feel how much this body wants you? I love it when you look into my eyes that way! It feels like you are looking right in to my very soul! Aahh baby your cock feels so good inside me - I can feel it pounding! I can feel our heart pounding through your magnificent cock! The rhythm is driving me crazy! Ohhhhh, you're all the way in now - feel my hips rock back and forth - I lift myself up to the head of your cock and tease you with my wet wet pussy. Then I plunge down onto you taking all of you up deep inside of me. God you feel wonderful!

This is heaven! Do you like it baby? How much do you like it? You said you are in heaven too? You say your soul is trying to climb out of your body to be with mine? Tell me baby - tell me what you want. Oh you want these nice breasts? They are yours. Take them baby, Ahh yes baby take my breasts in your hands, lift your head and lick my nipples. I like it when you suck them like that my baby - how you give them each the attention that they need. And I like your hands on my tight little ass too baby. Hold on to me as I guide myself up and down on your love pole. Oh that’s good, oh yes. What's that darling? Yes, I want you to give it to me now and give it all to me good. I'm ready for you to take it on home. You're rolling me over so you're on top of me now and you tell me how you're going to make love to me like I've never had it before. Call it what you want baby but just fuck me and do it now! Oh baby yes, tell me how much you want me. Tell me how much you Need me. And yes, you can even tell me how much you love me. You know I'm yours baby. This hot wet pussy and these tits and ass are all yours. Yes, the rest of me is too, damn it! I like it really deep today baby so I put my legs up around your head now so you can go as deep as you can. Don't worry about hurting me baby, I'll let you know if you are too deep. I like it when you go up like that with that hard cock and pound against my swollen clit baby. I like the way your eyes, and your body, and that nice cock make love to me. Is that cock mine baby? Oh tell me its mine forever! Oh yes baby fuck me. FUCK ME. ohhhh. oooooh. unnnnnnnhh. Sweet love I have never been fucked like this before. Oh yes I love it when you tug at my lips that way with your teeth and kiss my ears and neck while your moving in and out of me baby. Feel the power baby! Yes! That's the power of love baby! Both in a frenzy - and yes, we're going to explode together - oh shit baby - the tingling going on in my body! The waves of passion filling my stomach and this hot, hot wet pussy! OHHH my toes are curling for you baby. I'm cumming - oh yes, yes, yes! I feel your cock pulse, feel it hard like a rock baby - you can let go now baby, I'm there waiting for you! cum with me baby - oh God baby I feel you cumming, I feel you. That warm explosion within me. I wish you could feel how good that feels my love! You're screaming out to me "oh baby yes, oh yes I'm letting go now! Take it all baby because it is all for you And nobody else!" I want every last drop you can give me. You keep moving your hips and grinding in to me long after you are spent. I love the way you hold me while you slow yourself down. I love to grab your furry little ass and hold it close to my wet, wet pussy.

It's time to come out now baby –he can't go no more! I know you want to stay in there but its time to give him a rest! You slowly pull out and keep kissing me over and over - lips, breasts, neck - as you roll to my side, and I lay my head on your shoulder and put my arm back across your soft chest. Oh baby We're so exhausted from so much passion! Your little heart is still pounding. No, I didn't kill you; you'll be all right silly. A few more times like this and I'll have you in shape!

Holding each other we fall asleep - me with my head on your shoulder and arm draped over your chest. You with your arms around me holding me tight. So content. When we wake, we'll shower together before we have dinner. I may have some plans for you in there too baby so sleep while you can!

Episode 7 Baby seems like you've worked very hard today. Do you need a kiss? Here baby, I think you do. First let me whisper softly in your ear how crazy I am about you and nibble it a little. I'm sucking your earlobe now. Feel my tongue? My hand is sliding down your chest, my lips now on yours - now I'm touching your manhood, that’s about to bust through your pants. I need to touch him you know. Let me get that zipper. Oh - hello there big boy. You need some attention too don't you? I'm between your legs now, bringing my mouth down to you. My tongue licking the tip of all that manliness. My lips now around you, taking as much of you as I can. Up and down your shaft, tongue licking - baby you taste so good. Oh baby I feel you getting harder and harder. Do you like it my sexy lover? Oh yes, you must. Let me drink of you lover. Up and down, sucking, sucking - don't push my head too hard baby - don't want to choke. Ah I like to hear you moan baby. How excited you make me - but this is for you. I just want to pleasure you. I feel the pulse sweetheart, I feel the hardness - oh yes that’s it baby - cum to me sweetheart - give me every drop. Umm you taste delicious! Smiling now?

Episode 8

Take your time and if your back starts to hurt imagine me sitting behind you massaging your back. Feel good? My hands sliding under your shirt to wrap my arms around your chest. MMMmmmmmmm nice nipples. They sure are hard. Here, touch mine. Feel how hard they are? Only you do that to me. My hands are sliding down your stomach now so I can reach your buckle and zipper. Let me undo them so you'll be more comfortable. Oh yes, now my nipples are very hard - feel them against your back? Holding that big, hard cock in my hand makes me crazy. I feel you throbbing in my hand. I think I'll change position now so I can give you a well deserved blow job. This won't effect your driving will it? Oh you taste good baby. Does my tongue feel good on the tip of your cock? I want more baby. Let me take you deep into my throat. My God baby you're so hard and so hot to the touch. I want you inside me. You look so luscious I have to have you. Watch the road now baby. Drive careful. Maybe we should just pull over somewhere so I can have you inside me. Would you like that baby? Oh God I would. Look - over there in those woods. Lets stop over there baby. Dear God look at you. You need to be inside me. You want to be inside me, don't you? Yes thats it - pull over there. Hurry baby, grab that blanket. Don't worry about being exposed - those pants are going to be off in just a minute anyway. Thats it - slide them off while I get out of my panties. Thank goodness for little dresses. Lay down and let me on top. Let me feel every inch of you deep inside me. Let me fuck you baby - give you that release you need. Give me the release I need. I want you baby - I want you now. Ohhh yes my love - drive yourself deeper - oh yes sweet baby all of you. OH, OOOHHH OOOHHHH YYYEEESSS, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! BABY PLEASE TAKE ALL OF ME YOU NEED. I'M YOURS MY DARLING. OH HOW YOU PLEASE ME. SO SO MUCH. I just can't get enough of you. I want you again and again. BABY CUM TO ME. CUM TO ME OVER AND OVER. Oh my darling what an incredible lover you are.

wanting you

Episode 9

Wouldn't you like to feel yourself close to me right now? My warm whispers in your ear telling you I love you and how I want you? You've been on my mind while you were gone - always wondering what you're doing today and if you're thinking of me. my body is hot from wanting you. I need your fingertips on my breasts to take away this aching from not having you touch me. Iwant you inside me giving me all. can you feel it my darling? all the way inside me now - Oh baby you feel so good. give it all to me baby - ah yes - yes just like that. i feel you so deep inside me. you were meant to be there. a perfect fit. i'm so wet - you know what you do to me. i want you to make love to me over and over. touch me, kiss me - aaahhhhh i'm so aroused. let me on top now so I can take you in my mouth. oh baby you're so hard and you taste so good. i feel you throbbing in my mouth, against my tongue. i know you want to cum but i won't let you yet. not this time. this time i want you to come inside me. oh baby let me have you inside me again. oohhh yesss. oh yes this is just what i need. you're so good - so perfect - everything you do to me makes me moan with pleasure. i want to ride forever! i'm ready to cum baby - i can't wait much longer. are you going to cum with me? oh please baby cum with me - you know how i love it when we cum together. oh baby hurry, please, oh baby, baby yes, oh God yes baby aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i love you. welcome home. your girl

The Dream

There we were, laying propped up against large white satin pillows in a white satin sheeted bed - ivory satin - rounded upholstered head board - semi-circle like in the movies. The sheets pulled back with our naked bodies showing soft in repose. I am laying there with my head tilted back to the side exhausted but in total comfort and pleasure - A slight smile on my face. I am stirred by you gently going down on me. Your tongue is flickering around my shaft and then slowly around the edge of my head. Darting and flickering and then you take all of me into the hot moist warmth of your waiting lips and mouth. I look down at you and say to you, 'baby, you don't have to do that - I know you are so tired." Hair hanging over your face you glance up at me with those beautiful lusting eyes and you tell me - "I need this too to live. I must have all of you."

I feel a little tickle on my chest and look down and there I'm surprised to see a couple of drops of blood on my chest and little scars all over my chest, just under my nipples. The wetness from your lips having been on my breast is still glistening on my chest hairs. Then I remember last night. You asked me again to drink from me. You took out of a little carved asian ivory case a little gold razor blade and nicked me ever so lightly - just enough to cause a little blood to flow to the surface of my chest. And then you drank while all the time holding my erect cock in your hands, gently stroking it and massaging me between my legs. You have been drinking little bits of my blood because of your rare blood disease. You are sick and need just a little bit from me each night - and that is fine with me - I give of myself to you, all that I have and am, for that is what true love is. Just as I climaxed I passed out not awakening again until now. I run my fingers through your hair and I lay back again and softly moan as you drink from me at a different well.

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