More of Pam's Promises

OK you bad boy. You ready for that spanking? Drop those pants and bend over. DO IT NOW! Bend and grab your ankles and don't you let go until I tell you to. Thats it. I have to grab your ass and decide the best place to spank you. Damn you have a nice ass. Oh yes thats nice. Don't you move now, I have to reach between your legs and take hold of your balls, squeeze them a little, but it won't hurt. They feel nice in my hand. I'm reaching further and taking your cock in my hand. Oh you bad boy - you sure are getting hard. I like it baby - I like it a lot. My hands are moving away and I'm standing back behind you with your ass in my hand again. Squeezing, rubbing, as I move around to the front of you. Now stand up!! Thats it - Oh baby look at you!!! You're flushed and swollen. You must like this. I'm kneeling in front of you now as I take you in my hand - rubbing your cock against my face, under my chin, across my lips. You feel so hot, so hard. Oh you bad boy - that cock of yours is too good to be true. A flick of my tongue just to the tip of you. Oh is he crying? Let me lick away those tears. Mmmmmm baby you taste good. Now you get up and go to your room and wait for me until I get back


Promise 2

I'm your girl sweet darling. I'm listening to your love poems. I love the sound of your voice. Very soothing. I close my eyes and you're sitting here with me now, bringing me comfort. You're such a romantic man. I have my head on your shoulder as I listen to your words, at the same time hearing your heart beat. I'm right here cuddling with my grizzly bear. Would you care for some honey? I've been saving it up for you and now its overflowing. You must taste this honey. Its very sweet. Just for you my love. I'll be dreaming of you too baby. I'll wake in the middle of the night having orgasm after orgasm from our love making. You know how to please me so. I taste you. Will you be tasting me too? I love you so very much. I want to sleep again so I can dream of your strong arms wrapped around me. Our bodies naked and sweating. Trembling with desire to have each other again. I'm calling your name. Do you hear me my love? Feel my hands touching you - my lips kissing the chest I love so much. Circling your nipples with my tongue - so very softly. Do you quiver the way you make me quiver? Come taste of this honey.

Promise 3 (Damn you make me hot baby!!)

I have you here alone with me. The lights are out and candles are lit. Soft music playing. You're laying on a thick quilt on the floor and I'm knelt over you, unbuttoning your shirt. My hands are now spreading open the shirt to expose your bare chest, my fingers reach out to caress you the soft down that covers your now hardening nipples. I lower my mouth to your nipples and lick, ever so gently and hear a small gasp as you suck in your breath. My tongue explores its way to the middle of your chest, moving down to the waistline of your pants. Your button is in my hand being opened as I unzip your pants with my teeth. Ah I see how aroused you are getting. My hand frees your manhood from your shorts and I take you in my hand. I love the way it feels in my hand. My tongue licks my lips in anticipation of the taste of you. I lick the tip, my tongue circling, my mouth sucking. If feel your hardness in my mouth. Mmmmm you taste so good baby. As I suck my hand reaches down gently a takes your balls and gently caresses. Your excitement is exciting me. Your hips thrust up to meet my hand. I hear you cry out to me "oh yes baby." My nipples are hard and I'm wet and ready to take you. I raise up and stand above you. I'm wearing a dress and you can look above you and see my panties. Do you see the wetness? I'm sliding them down now and raising my dress above my head, exposing my breasts to you. "This is all for you my love." I bend down to you and take you in my mouth again. Oh yes I do believe you're ready for me. I'm straddling you now baby, my hands caressing your chest, gently pinching your nipples. I bend over you and kiss your lips, my tongue finding its way into your mouth, your tongue responding to me, and I lower myself onto you. Oh God yes baby you feel so good. Your hips raise up to meet me and as my head thrusts back and my back arches. My hips begin gyrating as you move faster to give yourself to me. Oh sweet jesus you feel so good. You cry out to me "Oh yes my sweet vixen - fuck me!" Have you any idea how that excites me? Oh baby yes I want it all. My hips move faster and harder. My hands reach down to touch myself, and feel you as you thrust yourself into me. Your hands reach up and take my breasts and I lower them down to your mouth. Your sucking causes contractions and I squeeze tighter, your cock so hard now I know at any time now you will erupt. Oh yes baby give it all to me. You know I'm going to cum soon. Feel how wet I am. Oh baby yes this cock feels so good. Is it mine baby? Is it all mine? Please say it is. ALL MINE! Oh baby yes!!! Aaaahhhhhhhh I'm cumming baby. Oh yesssss Im cumming!!! Cum with me my love. Oh yes cum with me. Give it all to me. Oh my sweet lover.

Night Before Christmas – Part II

Pam and Bill were pretty messy after their little snack in the kitchen, so they decided to take a shower and headed off hand in hand for the bathroom. As Bill reached into the shower to adjust the water, Pam gently ran her fingers down his back and reached down to take his ass in her hands. “What a great ass baby,” she said, and reached her hands around to the front of him, taking his hardening cock in her hands. “Oh baby, feels to me like you’re ready for more!” Moaning, Bill turned around, pressing his hardness against Pam’s stomach as he took her in his arms. “Baby I can never get enough of you”, he said, and pulled her into the shower with him. They had fun again; lathering each other up and playing like a couple of kids in the water.

After they showered they dried each other off and headed for the living room where a warm fire and bottle of Champaign was awaiting them. Reaching up and taking Bill’s head into her hands, Pam gently kissed his lips. “I love you more than life itself,” she told him. “Don’t you ever leave me. Be mine forever my darling.” Bill’s arms wrapped around her as he promised to always be hers. She laid her head tight against his big furry chest that she loved so much. He held her tight for a moment before they lowered to the floor and lay beside the fireplace. Pam rolled onto Bill, lying across his chest, and they kissed. Gently at first - lips softly touching – Pam kissing Bill’s eyelids, forehead, cheeks, and then back to his sweet lips, her tongue reaching out to explore his mouth. Bill responding with open lips, tongue darting forward to take hers into his mouth. Passionately they kissed, hands reaching out to one another. “Oh Bill how I love to be in your arms.” Pam slid her body down Bill’s chest, her mouth taking his nipples and sucking, tongue licking. Billed sighed as Pam could feel his erection pressing against her now. She moved downward, kissing every inch of his stomach, tongue searching, finally reaching his cock and taking it into her mouth – sucking – taking him deep into her throat – and then back up to its head – licking – teasing and giggling as she made it dance around for her. As her tongue licked she reached down to take his balls in her hand, squeezing gently, and then taking them into her mouth. “Ohhhhh” he moaned. Pam knew he was ready and finally raised herself up and straddled him. “Baby I’m so wet. I need you inside me.” She cooed. She lowered herself down onto him, taking his hard cock in her hand. At first lovingly and teasingly rubbing its head around the entrance to her body and then she plunged it all the way in deep into her. “Oh Bill, yes” she cried and began riding him. Each movement she made was met by Bill’s gentle yet firm upward thrusts. “Oh dear God baby you feel so good”, Bill cried out to Pam, thrusting then harder and harder! He rose up his body to mouth and lick her breasts as she rode him. He sucked and nibbled on her hard erect nipples trying hard to keep his mouth on her as she rose again and again. Passion got the best of him as he flipped her over now on to her back and got on top of her. She raised her legs up over his shoulders, taking every bit of him in side of her. “Oh yes – take me Bill” she screamed as he obliged and thrust harder into her making her scream out! He reached up, grabbing her ankles as her fingernails scratched into his flesh. “Oh you vixen!” he yelled out. Faster and faster he thrust into her – giving her just what she asked for. “Oh God baby I’m gonna cum now” Pam screamed out! “Oh baby! Oh baby yess, yessssssssss! Bill – cum with me – oh please cum with me!” “I’m there baby – I’m with you baby – oh God I’m cummin with you baby,” screamed Bill!!!! Can you feel me explode inside of you? Yes, baby, yes, you are such a little vixen. My sweet girl, made just for me,” he said. He kissed her lips and her neck and her breasts, and then rolled to the side, pulling her back over to lie on top of him. There bodies covered in the sweat of love making, mingling together as one. Bill was in heaven and so was Pam. Satisfied. Utterly and completely satisfied.

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