I Am

I am . . .
as I'll always be -
here on the timeless plains,
in the ageless dimension,
in the world of ever-ever . . .

I've lived a thousand lives
and pained as many deaths
laughed as many laughs
and cried as many tears
and had as many loves . . .

Old poets never die -
their dragons live forever -
their maidens never age -
their rivers always flow -
their skies are always blue . . .

Dreams are not for men -
or so I was told as a little boy -
yet without my starry dreams
there is no life eternal
for this little boy turned man . . .

You said it was so eerie -
that I had been there before -
saying those same words to you -
but I have my child, I have -
and will again . . .

Transcending light and space -
leaving mortal barriers lie -
I travel with each windy night -
from one old page to another,
from one old love to another . . .

If you catch me
in a whistfull mood,
I'll tell you fairytales and stories
as I did when you were a little girl . . .

I was your favorite old man -
and I was your favorite lover -
your handsome knight in shining armor -
and the man in the tall white hat -
I was your favorite fantasy . . .

Tho you've a true lover now -
a man who cares and needs you -
a woman's fantasy is never ended
as each look in my wonderous mirror
will show she is yet a little girl . . .

When it's dark and rainy out -
when the sun shines but does not warm -
when you're so all alone -
open these old yellow pages -
and dream your fancied dream . . .

Then lie in bed with eyes closed -
or stand and gaze out the glass -
and feel and will and wish -
and hold out your loving hands -
reach out to the winds of night . . .

You know I'll be there -
reading to you from those pages -
luring you as I always will -
for I am -
as I'll always be . . . . .

copyright 1981

I cant describe it

Baby I just dont know
How to describe my love for you  
Something beyond words 
Words just dont seem enough 
I wish you could feel my heart skip. . . 

I am incomplete it seems
Because you are not by my side
And what makes it all the worse
Is that there are others in the way
That keep us apart this day 

If you could feel what I feel 
You could feel my insides buzzing -
I know that doesnt make sense
But it is there with the pounding heart -
It is there with the tingling skin 

I know I need to touch you 
I know I need to taste you 
I know I need to hold you 
You look delicious Baby 
We should be one 

Im going crazy, can you tell? 
I dont know how much more I can take 
Each day I live, I want you more 
Ive never ever felt this way before 
I promise you Baby, never -

What can I say Baby?
I aint no poet like you -
Im just a woman in love -
I cant express it like I want to
But I can show you once Im with you 

Darling I just want to tell you
I can feel you in my soul 
You are there with me always 
Even in my dreams 
I do not let you go 

We were meant to be my love -
Mates forever and ever 
I should never have left you long ago
I know life would have been so much better
Make the time apart disappear my Baby 

It wont be long now 
I can feel it in my bones-
Well be like kids again I know -
Making love over and over 
I want to pleasure you
As I know you want to pleasure me 

Be patient my love 
The time is near 
Be patient my love 
Do not fear 
I am coming to you soon . . . . . 

Pam & Bill

You and I and Sammy's

My heart is like spaghetti on a plate
and you are there above twisting me
around your fork, again and again
you bite in to my meat balls
leaving me with nothing but sauce
as a little of me hangs from your chin
as you move on to the spumoni
At least the dog finishes me off
and licks my plate clean
consuming all that I am
as I wished you to do
as my heart consumed your smile
from the first day I saw you
tossing pizzas in the air at Sammy's

I thought some day you and I
would make a deluxe supreme together
and that even a pitcher of coke
could not quench the thirst
we had for each other
for our love tummies could never be filled
as our hunger was great as the big Bubba's

And yet here I sit
in the belly of the slobbering beast
while you wash away my taste
with a final handful of mints
as you would the garlic toast
that you devoured as my soul
leaving only the crust for Sammy's mice to eat

I guess I was nothing without the cheese

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