Who will drink?

In the years since
Iíve come in to being
And only God knows when that day was
I have lived and died
A thousand times over . . . 

So many years, so many dreams
I know not my name
My purpose to be
Who or what I love
Or what I am
Or why I am . . . 

It seems that I had it all
Everything was so well planned
It seems as tho a thousand more lives
Shall never fill
Those hours left ahead
Or reclaim those left behind . . . 

I feel as if I have waded
In a long stream
Or a wind swept desert
With no trace of me
Ever having been here
Ever having dreamed . . . 

You are but a part
Of this fragment of my being
I am but a phantom shadow
Of a vision youíve only dreamed
I walk through timeís doors
I pass through everyone I meet . . . 

A touch of light
A touch of darkness
A ray of joy
A streak of passion
A heart of love
A body of mist . . . 

What is man made of?
So what am I?
Some call me a man
Some call me other names
Some do not know me
Some do not care to . . . 

Know that I seek life
I seek perfection and truth
I seek knowledge of all
I seek wisdom and loyalty
I seek love most of all . . . 

Who will need me now?
Who will need me tomorrow?
Need is blood and blood is life
Who drinks my blood
Is filled with me and lives
In all that I am . . . . . 


Is this dream so impossible?

I thought I tasted you
And then too there was your scent
I thought I was holding you
And then the dawn stole you away

Night after night
Dream after dream
You come and you go
And you leave me spent

I am filled to the brim
And then left empty
I am overcome with joy
And then drowned in tears

To hold you 
To taste you
To kiss you
I would give all I have

Is this dream so impossible?
Why canít it come true?
What will it take?
For me to have you?

How can I prove my love
When you are not here to see?
How can I win your hand
If it is not flesh for me to take?

I think by now
I have made love to you
In every corner of the world
In every corner of my mind

I think by now
I have walked with you hand in hand
Down every moonlit path
In every corner of my heart

We have dipped in every pond
Camped in every forest
Seen the sites of the world
And even cuddled in our own home 
I long to sleep to dream
I dread to sleep for I must awake
If only I never awoke
At least I would always have you in dreams

I give you my heart
Is it not enough?
I give you my soul
What more can I give?

Is it love you seek?
I have it in abundance
Is it passion you need?
It burns in my blood for you

All that I have
All that I ever will have
All that I am
All that I ever will be is yours

Is this dream so impossible?
Why canít it come true?
What will it take
For me to have you? 

Wgm 1/7/02

~~~~~~~~~~~My Waiting Is Over~~~~~~~~~

The water laps against the shore,
Somewhere a loon cries out.
I sit alone with my knees pressed tight against my chin,
The lake dances with the moons reflection.
When the childhood shadows dreamt sweet dreams,
I felt the urge to call your name.

Popsicles were cool and comforting,
Yet I knew so much more than I dared to know.
Fairy tales were meant for other days,
Where the sun shone in a wind swept sky.

Words written on simple pages,
Pictures of objects long forgotten.
Loving you hurts my heart,
My mind refuses to rationalize.

I know you don't exist,
But I can't change how I feel.
The wind rushes across the smooth surface,
Blowing my hair into my eyes.

Was that a loving kiss?.
Or just the elements answering me.
The stars seem so close,
Bringing you closer to me.

Twinkling like the sparkle in your eyes,
Knowing I will never gaze into them.
Darkness seems my only friend,For it brings you closer to me.

No writing eases my ache,
Only intensifying my hearts loneliness.
Suddenly a warm breeze dries my eyes,
The scent of you touches my face. 

Gentle pressure on my lips,
Tells me you are here. 

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