Sky, Land, and Sea

You and I –
With our castles in the sky
Watching the wind blow them by
Dreams that were never meant to be . . . 

Maple twirly leaves
Spin down in the breeze
They show us the ease
That lies in tomorrow’s warmth . . . 

Waves rolling ashore
One by one, there’s always more
Seagulls dive and soar 
Feeling the freedom of the day . . . 

Sky, Land, and Sea
Carrying thoughts of you and me
Like them we will always and forever be 
For our love lies in the brilliance of the sun . . . . 


Phantom’s Story

It’s March and raining –
I miss the sun, the sun
That touched my mother’s forehead
That kissed my lover’s smile
That warms my own cold grave
That calls to me still
I miss the light . . . 

Spring will be here soon –
This I know, this I pray for
To see rainbows dance in the sky
To hear Phoebes in the woods
To watch the rebirth of life
To hold my darling and a flower
This I pray for . . . 

Dreams like unicorns –
All lie in yesterday
If you catch one it’s yours
If you can hold one it’s real
If you can watch it grow, it’s beauty
If it is, it is life
All in a sea of ifs . . . 

My tears of silver fall –
To precious to be shed
For memories I cherish
For dreams I cannot see
For loves lost but never had
For poems sung but never written
Still they come tumbling down . . . 

Phantom of the cold night –
Phantom of your dreams
Phantom at your side
Do you see the wave my child?
The one you have chosen to ride
So very high
Touching the noon day sun . . . 

I am but a ghost who walks –
Following in the shadows of yesterday
A man without a vision
A man without a cause
A man out of his time
A man with no tomorrow
A ghost who walks – I miss the sun  . . . . . 

Won’t you be my sun? 
Wgm 3/78

Who will drink?

In the years since
I’ve come in to being
And only God knows when that day was
I have lived and died
A thousand times over . . . 

So many years, so many dreams
I know not my name
My purpose to be
Who or what I love
Or what I am
Or why I am . . . 

It seems that I had it all
Everything was so well planned
It seems as tho a thousand more lives
Shall never fill
Those hours left ahead
Or reclaim those left behind . . . 

I feel as if I have waded
In a long stream
Or a wind swept desert
With no trace of me
Ever having been here
Ever having dreamed . . . 

You are but a part
Of this fragment of my being
I am but a phantom shadow
Of a vision you’ve only dreamed
I walk through time’s doors
I pass through everyone I meet . . . 

A touch of light
A touch of darkness
A ray of joy
A streak of passion
A heart of love
A body of mist . . . 

What is man made of?
So what am I?
Some call me a man
Some call me other names
Some do not know me
Some do not care to . . . 

Know that I seek life
I seek perfection and truth
I seek knowledge of all
I seek wisdom and loyalty
I seek love most of all . . . 

Who will need me now?
Who will need me tomorrow?
Need is blood and blood is life
Who drinks my blood
Is filled with me and lives
In all that I am . . . . . 


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