For You

Aspirations of a woman
Child with a dream
A fear of falling in love
Grasping at a starry beam . . . 

Harmony in springtime
New fawn with the dew
Songs of happy lovebirds
Dear Iím dreaming of you . . . 

Of you and nightingales 
Of gentle breezes and fair nights
Arm in arm tender together
Loving under soft star lights . . . 

Gentle, gentle, loving
Is all I care to know
Sharing time with you angel
Is my only way to glow . . .

Knowing all is for today
And nothing for tomorrow
A thousand days to come
For memories past would I borrow . . .

The twinkling in your eye
The softness of your touch
The feeling of your love
I only ask that much . . . . . 


Fresh cut hay

Fresh cut hay laid today
Smell of weed flowers
Smell of summer hours
From the fields
Dew on the grass
Freedom in the air
Bright breezy morn
White on blue drifting
The farm . . . 

Use to wait for the time
When I became a big girl
Use to dream of being something
More than they wanted me to be
Was going to take the world 
And put it in my hand
And spin it on my finger . . . 

Got my man
Got my family
Got my work
But thereís more
I know, but what?
Somewhere in a dream
Somewhere on the other side of Oz
All my answers lie
Written in the sky
I know . . . 

I walk down the path with my shadow
Talking to myself
About the virtues of womanhood
And the mysteries of life
Stopping by the black pool 
Arguing with the image
That reflects all
That knows all
That tells nothing . . . 

I dive into the pond
Will someone wave a magic wand
When I surface
Will all the dust upon my shoulders
Float away with the ants
That fall from the trees
Or will I be whisked away 
With the leaves to the dark center of the forest
To hear the ocean
In the wind  . . . 

In so many ways
On so many days
A smile is all there is I want
It is all I care for
It is water to the thirsty
It is blood to the soul
I would that I could
Stand in a shower of such . . . 

Sometimes I reach out and wait
And the response is never there
Nothing but the air
To greet my hand
Nothing but the sand
To sting me as I stand alone
The seed from me need me
But they cannot touch me here . . . 

Where are you then
Are you a phantom in my girlish dreams?
Are your real or an ideal?
Do you care, will you share
your life with me?
Do you live?
Can you give?
I can . . . 

Stopping to rest
Stopping to dress
After I lay naked
With a book of poetry
With a man in a tall white hat
With my favorite mirror
Youíre not even here
Never thought you would be
Only me and the sea
And the dreams
And his book of dreams
In his book of dreams . . . . . 

7/10/81 wgm

It's rainin here and I don't know why

Itís rainin here and I donít know why

Chillin out in a field of sand
watchin snakes dance to my favorite band
countin out my hundred grand
that I got with a little slight of hand

Feeling the vibrations in my hair
world could be burnin but I donít care
you know sometimes you just want your share
and once you got it you can go anywhere

Saw you standin there yellin at me
finger waggin like a crazy bee
feel like a Jesus Christ lizard nailed to a tree
you know how I just need to be free

Oh you know how I love you so
but Baby I think you got to let me go
the stakes are high and my spiritís low
if you loved me too then you would know

Ants come marchin by two by two
crazy bastards all dressed in blue
you know Iíd like to go runnin after you
but you know Baby it just wonít do

Thunders rollin in with a boilin sky
I live in the desert where it supposed to be dry
Preacher told me that, is it a lie?
gonna rain and I donít know why

gettin ready to rain again
gettin ready to rain again
gettin ready to rain again
gettin ready to cry again

If I had wings Iíd fly away
know for sure I wouldnít stay
I suppose I could kneel and pray
for the rain to come back some other day

But at this age my knees donít bend so well
and I donít like being that close to hell
If I had two souls from the wishin well
I still donít think that I would sell 

Ravens are comin so you got to beware
feel the darkness flyin through the air
If your heart were filled to the brim with love
the ravens just might become a dove

But its getting ready to rain and I donít know why
I live in the desert where its supposed to be dry
Preacher told me that, was it a lie?
Thunderís rollin in cross the boilin sky
gettin ready to rain again
gettin ready to rain again
gettin ready to rain again
gettin ready to cry again

Someday it will stop
but I donít know when
maybe if I kneeled down to pray
maybe it would all go away
maybe there would come a dove
if your heart were full of love
maybe Iíd go runnin after you
if my heart were really true
maybe youíd stop yellin at me
stop and realize I just need to be free
maybe the snakes would burrow in the sand
if I turned off the music to my favorite band
but still the rain keeps comin down
God I hope that I donít drown
I live in the desert where its supposed to be dry
but its raining here and I donít know why . . . . 

wgm 4/5/01

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