The Sleep Over

Good morning my darling. Thank you for dropping by my birthday party last night. I’m sorry you drank so much that you had to spend the night. I need to tell you that what happened to you last night was just a dream. I know when you got up this morning that you were sure that the following happened but it did not. Or did it?

It was about 2 a.m. when I snuck out of bed and quietly crept out of the room and down the two levels to the family room to look at you sleeping. I had started the wood burning stove for you to keep you warm down there but it must have gotten too warm for you as you were laying on top of the down comforter. My heart skipped several beats and my breath stopped as I looked down upon you. So very beautiful you were. Wearing just a flannel t-shirt and your little white panties I had given back to you secretly when you had arrived. My mouth watered as I looked down on you. Lying there as you were, you were so peaceful and beautiful – I knew it was wrong but I had to touch you. I was hoping you wouldn’t wake up as I gently glided my hand across your thighs and leg. Your skin was so soft and your flesh so warm. You didn’t move as I continued to touch your hair and run it through my fingers. I bent down to smell you. You smelled so wonderfully delicious. I felt a hunger take control over my whole body as I kissed your head and your neck. You must have felt me kiss your neck darling because you moved a little and let out a cute little noise. I knew this was wrong and I should go back up to bed but I just couldn’t keep my hands off of you. Here you were a guest in my home and me a married man with my wife upstairs and I was down here looking at your half naked body and thinking of nothing but making love to you. You rolled over from your side on to your back. Your hair now tossed to the side. You looked like an angel to me. I knelt by your side again, this time to lightly kiss your forehead, then your cheek, and then a light kiss to your beckoning lips. You got a little smile on your face as you let out a sigh. I was imagining that I was a part of your dreams now. I couldn’t take my eyes off of your panties and your legs, so now I knelt giving you kisses all over your legs. Just a bit of your tummy was showing to me so I kissed there to. I couldn’t help but to run my hands along your inner thighs and then up towards that warm little muff. At risk of waking you I gently rubbed your little muff through your panties. The smile was back on your face. Since I knew you liked it and you had not awakened, I glided the backs of my fingers across your inner thighs and continued to massage your pussy through your panties. You were letting out some soft little moans now and as I looked down I saw a little wet spot showing through them. Obviously I was doing something right. I slid my fingers under the edge of your panties then, past the little tuff of hair and touched the lips of your hot wet pussy. My heart must have skipped a hundred beats then. I was of course rock hard and terribly excited myself as I continued on. I pulled back the front of your panties just a little as I slid my finger just barely up inside of you. Your back gave a little arch as you continued to sigh. I massaged that hot little pussy very delicately as you began to move your hips in a barely noticeable gyration. Oh that pussy looked too good not to taste so I bent down again and gently flicked my tongue up to it and darted it about. Oh baby, you don’t know how good you tasted to me. I could definitely tell you were pretty hot by now and you writhed and sighed as I went down on you. You were starting to pick it up a bit when you woke up. You looked down with a puzzled look on your face. I told you to sshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and lay back. That this was just a dream. You smiled and laid back your head as I wiggled you out of the panties. I let my fingers work down there for awhile as I lifted your shirt just a bit and saw those beautiful hard erect nipples that you had talked about so much. Yes, they looked like they wanted me too so I flickered my tongue all about them and began to gently suck on them. I kissed you all over your breasts and sucked and tugged on your nipples with my lips as my fingers were caressing your warm and wet swollen bud. So wet you were for me! So very, very wet! I worked my way down your tummy with my kisses, past your little tuft of hair and back down to your awaiting flower. This time I put you all in my mouth and sucked gently as I flickered my tongue in and out of your petals. You were by now writhing and wiggling all over the bed. It was hard to stay on top of you. Your sighs were getting louder. I knew that my wife was sleeping and even snoring loudly but there was still a chance that we could wake her. You took a bit of the comforter and put it in your mouth biting hard down on it as I continued to work my magic on you. You kept trying to grasp for my hard cock that by now was sticking straight out of my curious George boxer shorts. I had unbuttoned my pajama tops for you and you were rubbing my soft silky chest hair every chance you had as you alternately grasped for parts of my body and lay back in ecstasy. It was long before you were in the throws of complete orgasm. Your back arched, your toes curled and tingling, your breath short and rapid, and your sighs and moans coming through as you tried to muffle them. That is when you told me you were exploding and asked for me to come on top of you and inside of you. You quickly tugged off my boxers and grabbed my rock hard cock and started licking and sucking it with intense passion. Taking it all in to your mouth again and again. I told you baby I couldn’t take this. Just watching you awake from your dream in passion and watching as you climaxed to my going down on you had me almost all the way there. I laid you back and you put your arms around me as you spread open your legs for me, taking me, throbbing and pulsing hard, and putting me inside of you. I know this wouldn’t last long, but I prayed it would last as long as possible. As I plunged deeper and deeper into you, we kissed passionately exploring each other’s mouth and tongues. I kissed you all over your beautiful face and neck and your chest and breasts and nipples as I made wild love to you. You began to let out a long slow moan as you told me that you were going again. “Now, baby, now. Do it with me now!” you sighed loudly. I held you in a long deep kiss as I picked up my pace from slow deep thrusts to rapid pounding thrusts. Your ass now in my hands as I brought you up against me again and again. You sighed your deep sigh of orgasm as we let loose together. Your sigh entering my mouth as I attempted to muffle your sounds. Oh God, was this good. So, so very good. It was awhile before I could stop thrusting my hips as my body wanted more than it could deliver. I held you so tight and close to me. Your breasts against my chest. Finally I rolled off to the side and brought you close to me to hold you. You put your head on my shoulder. It felt like that is where it belonged now and forever. You were playing with the hair on my chest and kissing it when I last remembered saying to you, “it’s just a dream baby, just a dream. Go back to sleep now”. I was in heaven as I fell asleep with you in my arms. I half hoped the sun would wake me so I could sneak back up before I was caught. The other half of me said ‘screw them all’ I don’t care. I want to stay here with you forever! Just a dream baby, just a dream. Now go back to sleep.

by the firelight

The fire crackled in the fireplace, licking the air in red, blue, yellow, and orange flames. It gave a nice soft glow to the room, complimenting the candles that Pam had lit in each corner. The music was on very low – it was cd of the northwoods – there was the occasional call of the loon and phoebe penetrating the sounds of the babbling brook. In front of the fireplace lay the large soft and plush sheepskin rugs the Bill had spread out for the occasion. The two of them finished their glasses of wine in between kisses and then Bill took Pam by the hand and led her over to their little love nest in front of the fire. Bill’s shirt was slightly unbuttoned showing the full soft silky chest of hair that had been calling to Pam all evening. Often she had dreamt of lying next to him with her head resting upon his chest. She cast her eyes downward and saw the telltale bulge in his pants, showing her that he was ready for the promised evening and that she had already started to work her magic on him. Pam’s silk blouse was likewise half unbuttoned – the subtle outlines of the tops of her breasts were showing – the smoky topaz necklace that Bill had given her lie against them. Her nipples were already hardening from the kisses and the anticipation of the evening, and were showing through her blouse, teasing Bill, - calling to him to take them in his mouth. “Let me take that shirt off for you darling”, Pam said, as she slowly unbuttoned it. She kissed his chest as she proceeded – pulled the shirt from his pants and threw it open. She slid the shirt off his body, kissing his shoulders and then his hardened nipples as she lifted it all the way off of him and tossed it on to the couch. “Now, what else can we shed, since it is so nice and cozy in front of this fire?” Pam coyly asked. “Oh, I know! she said as she reached down for his belt buckle. She kissed him on the lips as he held her and her hands began loosening his belt, then his snap, and finally the zipper. She reached down the front of his boxers next just to check and see if her prize was awaiting her. Sure enough she could feel his hardened cock bursting with anticipation, anxiously awaiting her. Her hand slid down further as she was still kissing him – gently grasping his balls in her hand and lightly massaging them. “ummm, nice! she cooed, as she let go to begin to slip off his pants. “Lets lay you down so I can get these hot old pants off of you! she said laughing. Bill lay down and lifted his butt of the ground as she tugged off his pants and boxers, laughing all the while.

“I see that Georgie is happy to see me!’ she said with a smile. “Well, I’m happy to see him too! Let me give him a little hello kiss!” She knelt down over Bill and grasped his cock in her hands. It was throbbing and growing still as she held it – she brought her head down for her lips to meet her prize. Her tongue flickered across the top of it and around the rim, bringing quivers to Bill’s body and causing him to softly moan. “I think I could grow to like this! moaned Bill. “Me too! Pam smiled back. Her tongue flickered and darted around the head, rim, and shaft as she held the pulsing manhood in one hand and gently grasped his balls in the other – lightly massaging them as she did her magic. Flickering and darting her tongue about, she began to go all the way down on him, taking him fully in to her mouth and sucking ever so gently. “Oh shit baby! Bill exclaimed. “You are driving me crazy woman! Get up here! Pam laughed and played just a moment longer – Bill’s fingers running through her hair as she pleasured him. “I want you naked next to me, moaned Bill – come here now, before you have to wait an hour for me to charge back up again!”

Pam’s brassy red hair glistened in the firelight as Bill slowly unbuttoned her blouse and eased it over her warm soft shoulders. He left her lips for a moment to kiss her shoulders and her neck. Soft little moist kisses – kisses of adoration and love. Her breasts swelled with anticipation as her nipples became hard and erect. Bill’s tongue went from her shoulders, to her nipples – he cupped her breast in his hand as he rolled his tongue across the hard nipple – teasing it and driving Pam crazy as she began to become very wet for him. His lips tugged on each nipple as he gently sucked them. She could feel the fire now beginning to grow in her loins – she could feel her clit swelling and pounding as she thought of what was to come next. Bill’s kisses worked their way down to her tummy and then he stopped. His fingers began to work feverishly to get her jeans unbuttoned and then her pants off. His hands explored every inch of her body – slowly and deliberately – softly, as he raised her level of excitement. He worked his hand up slowly from along the inside of her upper leg, coming closer and closer to her hot wet little mink. “Shit Baby! You are driving me nuts! exclaimed Pam, “Touch me where you know I want to be touched!” Bill chuckled at her impatience. He knew what it was doing to her – working so slowly to his goal – his fingers barely touched the lips of her flower and she let out a moan as the shiver went up her spine. “Oh God baby! she moaned , “I’ve wanted you so bad for so long! For God’s sake, just come here and fuck me!” Bill chuckled again – “No baby, we are going to make this one a big one for you – no, wham, bam, thank you mam here! I want to see you filled with the mother of all orgasms!” That statement alone raised the feelings in Pam’s body to such and extreme that she thought she might cum right there without him going any further.

Bill’s tongue was now rolling along the inside of her leg – toying with Pam, as it worked its way up to her waiting mink, now glistening with wetness. “Now baby, lets see what you taste like! Bill said as he began to flick his tongue about her petals – very softly, very slowly, very gently, he worked his tongue – flickering and darting about her pussy, driving her to madness. She finally took his head and pressed it up tight against her – she wanted more – she wanted all of his mouth and tongue on her! Bill used his fingers to gently spread her petals as his tongue darted in and out of her – now his mouth encompassing all of her as he sucked ever so lightly while his tongue worked on her. Pam could hardly contain herself. Her legs back, her back arched, her toes were beginning to tingle and exciting orgasmic waves were rolling across her lower body. Her moans became louder and louder as her hips began to gyrate slowly as Bill continued to lick and suck her. “Oh God, baby! I’m going to cum right now! Oh Shit! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” He could hardly hold on to her as her body was racked with orgasm. Bill was so excited at her pleasure that it was all he could do from cumming himself just listening to her and watching her! “ Come inside me now baby, now!” Pam yelled.

Bill raised himself up and kissed and sucked on her nipples as Pam brought her legs back further and reached down to grab his hard pulsing cock. She took it in her hand and put him inside of her – as she had so often dreamed of doing. How good this felt – to have him there pounding and throbbing deep within her body – Pam was covered in sweat from orgasm and kissed Bill passionately as he thrust himself in to her, again and again – slow and steady, deep and long. Pam was still writhing on the rug – hardly able to contain herself as her body was pitched in one continuous long orgasm – almost too much for her to bear. Her hips ground against his as their rhythm intensified. As they made love, Bill held her tight and kissed her long and hard and deep. His body too was wracked in a fever like he had never felt before. This was almost too much for him as well – a dream that seemed so impossible for so long was coming true – He had to keep giving himself a reality check to make sure that this wasn’t a dream. “Oh God, I love you so much baby!” Pam moaned. Those were the words that Bill so loved to hear. “Baby, I’m going to cum again! Cum with me baby! You ready baby? Oh God!” Pam sighed as her body reached a pitch that she had never felt before. Bill could hardly hold on to her as she was now in a frenzy pushing back up against him, harder and faster. “Okay, baby, I’m more than ready! In fact, I can’t hold it any more! Bill exclaimed. “Now baby, now! Let’s do this together! Pam didn’t hear him, as she was in such a massive orgasm that she was almost worried she was going to die! Bill exploded deep inside of her as he held her close to him – his hips still grinding against her as she held him in her arms. “ Oh God baby, sooooo good! So damn good! Why did we wait so long?” Pam let go. “Lots of time to make up for lost time,” said Bill, as he licked the sweat from her forehead and neck and breasts. He nibbled on her ears a bit as he kissed her neck and then finally rolled off her and brought her halfway on to him. He held her tight kissing the top of her head. His arms wrapped around her, as she lay so close. Bill was definitely in heaven. “I might as well die right now”, he thought, “I could never be any happier or feel so good”. Pam reached her head up and kissed him on the forehead and eyelids, the tip of his nose and then his lips once more. “Just hold me tight”, she said. “And never let me go”. My thoughts exactly, said Bill through a sigh of ecstasy, “My thoughts exactly”.

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