Spirit World Links to the Past.

Native American Clay Pipes: Page 2: Hopewell Duck Pipe: Clay and shell mixture.
Hopewell Platform Pipes: Rare Hopewell Platform Pipes: Museum quality and the first of five pages.
Archaic and Ancient Native American Axes and Celts: A fine collection of axes, celts, and adz's. All authentic and some museum quality.
Native American Artifacts: Bannerstones and more!
Archaic and Ancient Native American Points: Arrowheads, spears, knives. birdpoints and much more! Some very rare and museum quality.
More Nice Axes!: The second of five pages of axes and celts.
The Maass Collection: A Museum of Native American Artifacts: The starting page for the MAASS collection.
Maass Home Page: Your link to Antiques, Native American Artifact Galleries, beanie babies, EBAY specials, and guitars for sale.