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Hopewell Platform Effigy Pipes Page 1: Wonderful Museum Quality Hopewell Pipes from Ancient America
Native American Clay Pipes: Page 4: Clay Pipes continued on the next page.
Ancient and Archaic Native American Artifacts: Arrowheads and spear points - some are simply works of art.
Ancient and Archaic Native American Axes and Celts: From little to very big. Some of these are real beauties!
The MAASS Collection: Start your viewing of my collection here.: Take a tour through my galleries filled with Hopewell pipes, points, axes and celts, bannerstones and much more!
Native American Clay Pipes: Previous page: Historic and modern clay pipes
Stone Snake Pipe: Nice pipe of unknown origin. Jade like material.
Human Effigy Pipe: This unique piece appears to be made out of a limestone like material.
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