Links to the rest of the Maass Collection.

Archaic and Ancient Axes and Celts: Page 2 of several pages of Native American Axes, Celts, and ADZ's.
Ancient and Archaic Native American Bannerstones: Museum quality bannerstones.
Native American Hopewell Platform Pipes: Beautiful Hopewell Platform Effigy Pipes - over 1 dozen!
Native American Points: Arrowheads, Spears, etc.: Many museum quality pieces for your enjoyment.
Maass Home Page: Links to other interests and collections I have.
The Maass Collection Home Page.: Start your virtual tour of the Maass collection of Native American artifacts here.
Native American Baskets.: Start your tour with this Nootka basket and see more.
Native American Bead Work: From Effigy pieces to whatever. All beautiful one of a kind.
More Discoidals and other Game Stones.: Pudding stones and small game stones.
Discoids: Page 3 - What they were used for.: Visit this site to see what Discoids were used for. Also known as Game Stones and Chunkeys!