Focus on Sperm!!!

Welcome to Focus on Sperm! We are the latest in on-line sperm sales. Host females can choose from either German or Italian grade AAA certified high count sperm. Shown here are sample products. As you can see, Focus on Sperm delivers Quality!

Focus on Sperm cannot gaurantee whether or not you will recieve a male or female child from the donor sperm, however, we can gaurantee the finest sperm cells known to man. Focus on Sperm is not liable for any character flaws that could be potentially imparted on the the new human being by the mother's egg or the upbringing of the child.

Focus on Sperm's quality product can be delivered to your door in person with a rose and a bottle of champagne or via turkey baster, whichever you prefer. Either way, you are buying the finest product that money can buy! Why not try some today?!

You can purchase the following at special December reduced prices:

Three nights of natural insemination attempts, including champagne and roses, satisfaction gauranteed for $250.


Five nights of natural insemination attempts, including a cruise to the Bahamas, wine, roses, and singing and dancing for $1500.


The Turkey Baster special: One vial, luke warm for $50.

Either way, your satisfaction is gauranteed.

Why not call today??

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