Links to my Museum of Rare Native American Artifacts and Quality Reproductions

Index Guide for The Maass Collection of Native Americana
A museum filled with galleries of both musuem quality collections and quality reproductions,including Hopewell pipes, axes& celts, points, bead work, baskets, pottery, and much more!
Faded Memories Antiques
A wide variety of antiques priced to move. E-Mail me for prices or more information.
I AM: A Book of Poetry
If you like poetry, I have some to share from my published collection.
Native American Hopewell Platform and related Pipes
A beautiful collection of museum quality archaic and ancient pipes as well as reproduction pieces. Follow this link to other pipes including: Steatite, Catlinite, and Clay Effigy Pipes.
Native American Educational Links
Links to National Park Service sites, state museums, and information on Hopewell and other Native American cultures.
The Knife Man
Top Quality Knives for sale from my collection: Muela, Kissing Crane, Black Cat, and many more. Some of the nicest imported Stag Handled knives you will ever see - and perfectly balanced!
Native American Artifacts and Crafts for sale
Over 25 pages of items from my personal collection for sale including, jewelry, pipes, pottery, and more.
Beaded Umbilical Cord Fetishes
Some for sale and some I will never sell. Unique, rare, and beautiful
The Maass's in America
A link to my family tree site. Includes the names: Maass, Ray, Duvoison, Rooze (Rose), Rasche(r), Schrader, and Hamann.
The Links To All Of My Sale Items
Some pieces of my collections are for sale. From this page, you can link to pottery, jewelry, baskets, beadwork, and knives that I have for sale

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