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Here is where I purchase my favorite books on Indian Artifacts. Don't forget to check for out of print books with their affiliates!!!

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Links to the Maass Native Americana Galleries.

The Beginning of the Trail: You can start here to visit the entire collection.
Bannerstones and More!: Gallery 1 has many of the exoctic artifacts such as bannerstones and plummets. Many museum quality pieces!
Archaic and Ancient Axes and Celts: Gallery 2: Many museum quality artifacts up to 8000 years old!
Native American Baskets: Gallery 3: From Nootkas to pine needles - you'll love these. Some old and some new.
Native American Bead Work: Gallery 4: See individual bead strands and intricate glass bead designs. Includes beaded effigies/fetishes.
Antique Post Cards featuring Native American Images.: gallery 5: From turn of the century to the fifties you will see the images of Native Americans both in real photo and linen prints.
Native American Discoidals: Gallery 6: Museum quality beauties - simple yet extraordinary!
Native American Pipes: Gallery 7: My favorite gallery! Start with Hopewell Platform Effigy pipes and move through to clay and steatite pipes. Museum quality pipes and modern reproductions. Can you tell which is which?
Archaic and Historic Points: Gallery 8: Museum quality bird points, arrowheads, spearpoints, and knives. Some real beauties!
Pottery: One of a kind pieces from Norman Lansing and other Ute and Navajo artists
Modern Native American Pottery: Gallery 10: Some real intricate beauties including Mata Ortiz, Navajo, Acoma, and Sioux.
The Maass Home Page: Stop on by for links to my other collections: Beenies, militaria, guitars, antiques, and my award winning poetry!
Hopewell Effigy Artifacts: Gallery 11: Ancient carved stone Hopewell effigies.
Native American Moccasins: Gallery 12: Beautiful representative pieces from Crow to Cree.
Antique Stereoview Slides of Native Americans: Gallery 13: 100 year old B&W and tinted stereoview slides of Native Americans and their world.
Native American Beaded Fetishes: Plains Indian Beaded Fetishes. Much like the umbilical cord fetishes but these were not made to hold the cord. Start with a beautil beaded horse with a real horsehair mane and tail!
Native American Kachina's: Modern Kachina's from the American Southwest.
Native American Clay Pipes: Historic & Mississippian Clay Pipes
Native American Artifacts and Related Items for Sale.: Here are some pieces from my collection that I have for sale.
Beaded Umbilical Cord Fetishes: Intricate and beautiful beaded (and some quilled) umbilical cord fetishes. You'll love these! Some for sale and some will never be sold.
Native American Jewelry: A link to my Native American Jewelry collection, most of which i am selling.
Modern Flint Knapping Art: Points of semi-precious materials made by modern knappers. Works of Art!

Links to other Native American educational sites.

Native American educational links.: This site includes links to Hopewell Culture sites, National Park Service sites, and state museums.