Native American Pottery from my personal collection

Norman Lansing Pottery: Page 1: Ute Indian artist Norman Lansing has to be my favorite Native American Artist. You could spend hours staring at one pot letting your imagination run wild in to Norman's world and pondering the visions
Hand Etched Navajo Pottery: Here is a beautiful pot that has had a lot of time and tedious hand work put in to it. Very Beautiful!
Hand Made and Etched Elk Plate - Navajo: A real sharp piece that would look great in a plate holder or hanging on the wall. One of a kind!
Mata Ortiz Pottery: Page 1: Fantastic unique handmade from scratch pottery - wonderfully decorated. Made by the Mata Ortiz Indians of Mexico. Some sell in the thousands of dollars -

Native American Bead Work and Beaded Fetishes

Umbilical Cord and Animal Fetishes: Some of the rarest pieces of Native Americana and most collectible. I fell for these one of a kind beauties years ago.
Beaded Bags and Pipe Bags: I have a few beautifully done beaded bags in my collection that are for sale.
Antique and Vintage Beaded Moccasins: From many different Native American Tribes - some pairs older than others. I have men's, women's, and children's. Collectibles - not for wearing!
Misc. Bead Work: Here I have some belts, sashes, and other pieces that are odds and ends that I couldn't pass up somewhere along the line!
Antique and Vintage Glass Beads: Some dating back to the 1600's!! Cobalt, Cardinals, Barley Corns, Reds, Orange, Venetian, Padre, and many more!!

Maass Collection Native American Jewelry 4 Sale

Native American Jewelry from my personal collection.: Here you will find choice pieces from my collection that I must thin out: Bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, watch cuffs and more! Sterling, Turquoise, Red Coral, Onyx, Mother of Pearl, and more!
Turquoise and Sterling Crosses: I have many beautiful Native American made cross pendants for sale. Some are Navajo and some are Zuni. Here are two of them.
Native American made Watch Bands & Cuffs: Some of the most spectacular pieces of handmade Indian jewelry are the watch bands and cuffs. Show your appreciation for fine native craftsmanship and artwork and your individuality by wearing one.
Turquoise and Silver Dead Pawn Bracelet: I have many beautiful pieces of Dead Pawn Native American jewelry - some recent and some over 60 years old. If you like patina and old fashioned quality, dead pawn is for you.
Sterling and Turquoise Hat Bands: Beautifully handcrafted by Navajo's - some new and some old dead pawn with nice patina - men's and women's. Would look great on your Stetson!
Sterling Silver and Turquoise Concho Belts: Men's and Women's Concho Belts - Some Sterling and some 'German' Silver, some old and some new, some leather and some link -

Quality Knives For Sale From My Collection

Navajo Knife with Inlaid Handle: This really nice knife is a fixed blade with sheath. It is about the size of a bird & trout knife. The inlaid handle is well done.
The Knife Man's Knives for Sale: Start your tour of my knife collection here. You will find high quality Muela's, imported Stilettos, German Black Cat, and much more! Lots of beauties here!