The Maass Collection Gallery

Maass Homepage: Links to my other collections.
Hopewell Platform Pipes: A Premier museum quality collection of authentic Hopewell Platform Pipes
Premier Points: Authentic Native American points from historic to 8000 years old plus!
Axes and Celts: Authentic Native American axes and celts as old as 8000 b.c.!!!
Ancient Native American Clay Effigy Pipes: Beautiful Clay Effigy Pipes. Any help identifying the tribe is greatly appreciated!
Archaic and Ancient Native American Discoids and game pieces.: Museum Quality Discoids and Game Pieces.
More Native American Archaic and Ancient Artifacts: Some real beauties here including Bannerstones of museum quality!
Beaded Umbilical Cord Fetishes: Rare and Authentic one of a kind beaded effigies. These were strong 'totems' meant to guard the infant from birth. Their cord was placed inside of the effigy and its power would then protect the child
Native American Basketry: Some identified and some not, but all nice.
Navajo and Mata Ortiz Pottery: Beautiful handcrafted and fired the ancient way.
Native American Bead Work: From loose beads to strands and some fine effigy pieces.
Native American Images on Post Cards.: My antique post card collection of linen and real photo images of Native Americans.
The Maass Collection of Native Americana Gallery Guide.: An index/guide with links to all of the galleries.
Native American Jewelry, beadwork, and pottery.: From my own collection I have put some items up for sale to further my ability to collect other pieces as my tastes change. You will find some beautiful one of a kind pieces here.