Navajo Sterling Silver Flowered Bracelet

2357: This sweet Navajo dead pawn bracelet is stamped sterling. The 1/4" wide band has a charming design, which includes two rows of small silver flower overlays. There is a solid silver band between the rows, and silver twists on the edges of the band. The bracelet, which can be stretched or squeezed a bit for fitting, has an inside circumference of 6 1/2" including the 1 1/4" opening.Yours for only: $58

Sterling Silver Bracelet

8173: This beautiful dead pawn bracelet is an amazing work of Native American art. This silver bracelet has several smaller bands that combine into a beautiful bracelet. There are two linear silver bands, two brass colored twisted ropes and one line of silver raindrops. The bracelet measures in width.The bracelet, which can be stretched or squeezed a bit for fitting, has an inside circumference of 6 1/2 " including the 1" opening. It is from dead pawn from the Gallup area. For the Southwestern Native American, pawn refers to the practice of converting artwork and possessions into income for life's necessities. Pawn can also be items from antiquity, heirloom pieces of handmade jewelry or craft, passed from a family into the public marketplace. Because much of the pawned merchandise is of real day-to-day value in the seller's life, the percentage of pawn that goes unredeemed is small, about five percent. Merchandise that remains for sale after expiration is referred to as "dead pawn", and items of dead pawn are among the most highly valued Native American artifacts to be found on the open market. Yours for only: $48

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