Sterling Cuff Bracelet with Turquoise, Malachite, & Paui Shell

1552: This beautiful dead pawn bracelet is an amazing work of Native American art. The eye-catching bracelet has eleven brightly colored stones. The stones measure 3/8 x 1/4 and are separated by beautiful silver raindrops. The multi colored stones include malachite, turquoise and paui shell. The detailed silver band is stamped with sunburst and other Native American designs. This bracelet measures 1/2" across at the center and is both stamped sterling and signed by the artist. The bracelet, which can be stretched or squeezed a bit for fitting, has an inside circumference of 6 1/2" including the 1 1/4" opening. It is from dead pawn from the Gallup area. Price: $75 The 10K gold and onyx ring below has a diamond chip in it. New, never worn. $60

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