Maass Gallery Links

Norman Lansing Pottery: Page 2: Beautiful hand made one of a kind pieces by Ute Master Norman Lansing
Norman Lansing Pottery: Page1: Norman's Biography and Photos of Norman the Mountain Ute Sgraffito Artist
Native American Jewelry and Crafts: Native American hand made sterling and precious stone jewelry for sale.
Mata Ortiz Pottery from Mexico: I also collect Mata Ortiz Pottery. This pottery is rapidly growing in popularity and price!
The Maass Collection of Native American Artifacts.: Start your virtual tour here of many museum quality pieces.

Photo Guide

Photo 1-1: Norman Lansing’s "I Had a Dream" 7.5" Diameter by 2" Tall

Photo 1-2: Norman Lansing’s "Sheep Spring" 4" Diameter by 2" Tall

Photo 2: Norman Lansing’s "Life Giver" Stunning detailed Sgraffito and carved pot 10" Diameter by 5.5" Tall

Photo’s 3 & 4: Norman Lansing’s "PEACE MAKERS" It Measures 11.5" in height and 7.25" in diameter. It is done in fine line sgraffito and is carved as well.